National Hispanic Heritage Month: Making STEM work for everyone

How do we ensure that young Latinos and Hispanics have digital access and adequate representation in science and technology? Key leaders in the field share their experience.

By: Yolanda Parks

Diana Trujillo’s Instagram handle is @fromcalitomar. That’s not Cali for California. It’s Cali, Colombia, her hometown, and she made it to Mars. The Colombia native was NASA’s flight director for the Mars 2020 mission.

Tech-Centric Teaching: STEM Lessons Encourage Differentiated Learning

From novice to expert techie, 4 cross-curriculum lessons for diverse learners

By: Erin Schoen Marsh

It’s no secret that students seize the opportunity to use technology in the classroom. But for educators, the appeal of tech-based learning is a little different. Technology allows students to progress at their own pace while keeping them engaged with the work. With students learning independently, educators have the freedom to interact with students one-on-one, guiding their individual learning.

Climate Change Solutions Should Prioritize Our Nation’s Most Vulnerable


Climate change is not solely an environmental issue. The effects of climate change have shown detrimental impacts to every continent and ocean across the globe, however, its hazardous events and trends have disproportionately impacted vulnerable populations. Recognizing climate change as a socio-economic issue is essential to driving the innovation needed to build climate equity for all people.

Virtual Conference Provides Free Professional Learning Opportunity for Educators on Election Day

Press Release

WASHINGTON, October 13, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Educators can learn directly from leading edtech experts on Tuesday, November 8, at the inaugural Elevating Innovation virtual conference presented by Digital Promise and Verizon. This professional learning opportunity is free to all educators as part of Verizon Innovative Learning, Verizon’s award-winning education initiative focused on addressing the barriers to digital inclusion.

Charcuterie Entrepreneurs Gain Strength Through Verizon's Free Business Courses

Monica Nino and Bryan Gonzales, owners of The Board Couple, are using what they’ve learned through Verizon Small Business Digital Ready to navigate new levels of success.

Monica Nino and Bryan Gonzales, owners of The Board Couple premium charcuterie company in San Antonio, Texas were setting up for an event when several appetizers tumbled off a cart and onto the sidewalk. “We only had 30 minutes to spare,” recalls Nino.

Teachers Transform Their Teaching - and Careers - Through Tech

By: Julie Russell

Three educators reveal how the impact of Verizon Innovative Learning extends beyond the classroom.

Philip Kern has worn many hats as an educator: he’s been a tutor, teacher, reading specialist and reading interventionist. It was his role as a Verizon Innovative Learning Schools coach at Wade Park School in Cleveland, Ohio, however, that led Kern to pursue a career in administration; he is applying to become an assistant principal next year.

How a Middle-School Summer Program Builds Self-Identity With Tech and Mentorship


Angel Gutierrez, a rising eighth grader, thinks he might like to work as a machine learning engineer—or an artificial intelligence engineer—when he’s older. He learned about those career paths from the Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers program that he attended this summer at Cal State LA, in Los Angeles.

“The lesson today, it forced me to contemplate the future, to think about what I want to be, what I want to do,” said Gutierrez.

Coming Full Circle: How a Scholarship Recipient Gives Back to Her Community

Brenda Rios Brombacher earned a full scholarship from Verizon as a teenager; now she pays it forward by providing middle school students with access to Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers

In October 2019, Brenda Rios Brombacher was looking to make her next move professionally. After presenting at the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) conference, Brombacher, who was director of entrepreneurial initiatives and community relations at Houston Community College (HCC), had her eye on other sessions to attend. As luck would have it, Verizon had a workshop that fit neatly into her schedule.

Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers Offers Free Enrichment Program

Middle school students gain access to emerging tech at college campuses nationwide
Press Release

NEW YORK, N.Y., July 7, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Verizon Innovative Learning, the company’s signature education initiative focused on addressing barriers to digital inclusion for more than a decade, through a suite of programs and resources, is expanding its free project-based enrichment program: Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers.

With New Tech, Cleveland Students Leave the Digital Desert Behind

Verizon Innovative Learning transforms the middle school experience for students and their families.

Miles Park School student Anthony Black explores a virtual reality experience.

Anthony Black, a 7th-grade student at Miles Park School in Cleveland, remembers what it was like before his school became a Verizon Innovative Learning School. To get online, Black would need to wait for an open desktop in the shared computer lab. At home, he and his three siblings shared the family computer, rushing to finish their homework so the next child could have a turn.


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