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Our Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability

by Theresa Haywood-McCarley, Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility

As a United Nations (UN) Global Compact signatory, ON Semiconductor participates with other global companies to make a difference in the communities where we operate and conduct business. ON Semiconductor has a history and focus on environmental and social concerns, which was furthered by our membership in the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). Our membership in the UN Global Compact extends our commitment in these areas.

ON Semiconductor's Stance Against Racism and the Importance of Inclusion Within the Workplace

by President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of ON Semiconductor Corporation

Many in my generation were hopeful that equality would be commonplace in America and around the world. Recent incidents serve as a reminder to all of us that this has not yet occurred and is an opportunity for us to help. I view the recent protests with positivity as many allies are walking with our black community. One of the things that makes our company unique, is our desire to strive for continuous growth, improvement and support of each other.

From the Corner Office

Now more than ever, businesses need leadership on corporate social responsibility.

These C-suite leaders have provided thoughtful and consistent direction for their companies to execute on environmental, social, and governance initiatives that support customers, employees, and communities in our new and evolving context.

With Keith Jackson at the helm, ON Semiconductor believes that in order to stay competitive, corporate citizenship needs to be an integral part of doing business.

ON Semiconductor Selects Benevity to Power Global Giving Initiatives

Jackie Terry, Principal Program Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility

ON Semiconductor is excited to partner with Benevity, Inc., the global leader in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee engagement software, as their platform was selected to power their CSR initiatives. Employees and community partners will use their Spark and Grants systems moving forward.

STEM Research - Simple Connections Lead to Magnificent Things


by Billie Johnson

The digital integrated circuits (ICs) I design have millions of transistors and wire interconnects. Copper routes traverse up and down across nine levels of metal creating an intricate circuit highway. Routes are connected from one level to the next with a via.

Vias are a minuscule component in the design and assembly of ICs, but these simple connections allow magnificent things to happen across a chip. That’s like me in this story – a via. A simple connection.

ON Semiconductor Pauses to Honor Those Who Have Served During Military Appreciation Month

By Steven Willison, HR Manager – U.S. Operations

This year has certainly brought with it an entirely new set of challenges. But, it has also brought with it some great improvements and accomplishments. One of these accomplishments was the approval and creation of ON Semiconductor’s newest Affinity Network Group dedicated to a mission that provides service and support to veterans, military members and those that support them.

COVID-19’s Helping Hand Part II: Infusion Pumps

by Steven Dean, Director of Business Marketing for Signal Processing, Wireless and Medical Division

Still working in my home office, sequestered like most of the world’s population, I’m writing late at night not able to sleep as anxiety gets the better of me. In my last blog, I wrote about my wife taking care of our grandson while his mother (and my daughter), Erin, works on the front lines in the ICU at a local hospital caring for patients affected by COVID-19.

Making History at ON Semiconductor

by Kimberly Appleton, Senior Vice President of Global Sales Operations & EMSI

Who am I?

Growing up in a blue-collar family I was not exposed to technical career options but I did love math and problem solving so I pursued an engineering degree followed by a Masters in Business. I honestly had no idea that would lead to such an exciting 28-year career in the semiconductor industry.

COVID-19 Emergency Intervention: Technological Innovation for Life


A pool of world-leading electronics companies are teaming up to supply the materials necessary for the production of ventilators. Answering the call of the Maurizio Fragiacomo Foundation are Avnet Silica and ON Semiconductor (recipient of the donation: Genesi/Siare).

Press Release

A pool of world-leading electronics companies are teaming up to supply the materials necessary for the production of ventilators. Answering the call of the Maurizio Fragiacomo Foundation are Avnet Silica and ON Semiconductor (recipient of the donation: Genesi/Siare).

ON Semiconductor Supports Diversity in STEM

by Cassandra Savel

As a leader in the quickly evolving technology industry, ON Semiconductor recognizes the need to prepare young people for the employment landscape of the future and to ensure that those involved come from diverse backgrounds. Active company initiatives such as STEM UP (one of our affinity network groups focused around science, technology, engineering and mathematics for underrepresented populations) and our global giving program have responded to this need by investing time and resources into the communities in which we do business. 


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