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Amway Made a World of Impact on November 20

Over 55 countries engage in over 100 projects

We did it!

Starting at midnight on Wednesday, November 20, the Amway Universal Children’s Day came to life. Amway business owners and employees in more than 55 countries participated in volunteering, giving and advocacy with local partners.

We tracked over 100 projects, and are certain that there were many more that we may never know about. They started in Australia, moved around the world, passed through our headquarters in Ada, Michigan, and ended at our Nutrilite offices in Buena Park, California.

World of Impact MAP.... November 20 is Amway Universal Children's Day

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Amway One by One

This week is what we’ve been planning for all year!

The Amway Universal Childen’s Day will take place on Wednesday, November 20 … although it has already begun in some countries that are extending their activities acoss an entire week.

Click on the map for a quick glance of the kinds of activities that will be taking place.

Amway Makes Committment to Those in Philippines Tragedy


Reaching out to Amway Philippines

Nov 12, 2013

Over the past few days, we’ve been in frequent contact with our colleagues in the Philippines.

If you follow recent news reports, you know about how Super Typhoon Haiyan blasted through the country late last week. There is inconsistency in the report of numbers impacted, mainly because communications are nearly impossible in areas that are decimated by winds and flooding. But we do know that thousands of people have lost their lives, hundreds of thousands are displaced, and millions are affected.

Global Day of Service for Children

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Amway One by One

The day is fast approaching: November 20, 2013

Amway Universal Children’s Day will be an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to improve the lives of children everywhere we do business. It will also be a demonstration to ourselves of what we are capable when we all work together towards a common cause.

So how will you show your commitment? What cause for children are you passionate about?

Amway Philippines Demonstrates Award-Winning “Bayanihan” Spirit (Sense of Community or Fellowship)

Certificate of recognition received from The Department of Education’s Adopt a School Program


Just a few weeks before Christmas last year, disaster struck in Mindanao. Typhoon Bhopa, locally called Tropical Storm Pablo, was declared a category 5 super typhoon that left more than 1,000 people dead and roughly 80,000 homeless.

Amway Europe CSR Annual Report

Personal stories highlight the Amway Europe Corporate Social Responsibility report

Role models for young women in the UK … lap desks for students in South Africa … mentoring youth refugees in Europe …

These are just a few of the stories highlighted in the Amway Europe Corporate Social Responsibility Report that is now available by clicking here.

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