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Reimagining Career Paths

By: Anne Wintroub

Over the past decade, technology has fundamentally transformed so much of our world – the way we meet people, build a business, explore neighborhoods. Technology has changed how we learn, how we work, and increasingly, the work that we do.

Software skills are in high-demand in the modern economy, and many tech companies struggle to find employees with these qualifications.  To ensure that our current and future workforce has the skills needed to fill these 21st century jobs, it’s time to reimagine the way students learn and the types of credentials that they earn.

Tackling the High Cost of College: Starbucks Offers Discounted Tuition to Its Workers - The Minute

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The media has been filled for months with alarming articles about the high cost of college tuition and the consequent high amount of student debt, now estimated to be around $3 trillion dollars in the U.S. These articles are usually paired with warnings about the downward drag on our future economy, as millennials with large student loans are unable to buy houses or cars, or to participate fully in our consumption-dependent economy due to long term, high loan payments.

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