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Empowering the Federal Government to Innovate Through Open Source Technology: Bryce Pippert Explains How

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In response to citizens’ demands for fast, reliable, secure services, the U.S. government has increasingly adopted the use of open source software. Open source promises increased security, cost savings and flexibility.

Meet Booz Allen Vice President Bryce Pippert, who works with government clients to implement cutting-edge technology. Bryce maintains that open source also empowers government workers to build innovative solutions more quickly.

Open Source Needs to Deliver Diversity


In this contributed post, Christine Flounders, regional manager for engineering at Bloomberg L.P. London explains the importance of diversity in open source. 

Tech’s gender gap is no secret. It has been widely discussed for a decade, yet little progress has been made. In the five years between 2010 and 2015, the percentage of women in tech jobs in the UK increased from 17% to just 18%. This figure is underwhelming to say the least, but there is one critical area of technology where the gender gap is even wider.

Taproot Foundation Announces Pro Bono Hall of Fame Inductee Mitch Kapor

Taproot Foundation honors tech entrepreneur and social innovator Mitch Kapor for trail blazing the pro bono ethic
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October 24, 2013 /3BL Media/ - Taproot Foundation continues the Pro Bono Week 2013 campaign with the 3rd announcement of the inaugural Pro Bono Hall of Fame - Mitch Kapor. 

Frederick Kaufman on Open-Source GMOs

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Genetically Modified Organism is a downright dirty word among many environmentalists and food activists. People oppose GMOs for health reasons and because it’s mostly giant corporations like Monsanto that profit from the creation and distribution of GMOs in our food system. My guest today has a slightly different take on GMOs, though.

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