The 700 Chocolate Bars that Could Change Packaging

Deep in a Swiss lab, these chocolate bars are primed to save tons of packaging.

It might sound like the indoor farm of a chocoholic’s fantasies, but this is not a magic recipe for cultivating ready-made confectionery. What’s being propagated here is knowledge. Knowledge that could ultimately help save tons of packaging every year. Here’s why: some products are more sensitive than others to elements such as moisture, oxygen and light. Not enough is known about the extent to which these factors affect sensitive products over the course of their shelf lives.

Paper & Packaging: How Life Unfolds™

Sappi supports industry consumer marketing campaign

We are proud to share the warmth and creativity that paper and paper-based packaging offers us all through the Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds™ consumer campaign.

Collaboration Proves Invaluable for Perfecting Packaging Performance at Sappi


As the paper industry evolves, Sappi continues to search for fresh solutions that position both the company and its customers for future success. It’s this drive that inspired Sappi to approach longtime employee David Niles with an idea that would utilize his vast knowledge of paper science engineering to help expand the company’s offerings in packaging.

Sappi North America on How It Evolves with Its Customers


Given our strong record of capital investment to keep our machines modern and flexible, as well as our deep commit­ment to R&D, we are able to bring solutions to the market quickly in all four of our businesses. This year, the following business developments and improvements were made.

Coated Paper Business:

Suppliers Share Our Commitment for a Sustainable Future


Our suppliers play an important role in sustainable operations. Since 2011, we’ve awarded vendors who excel in responsible business practices.

At AT&T, we strive for sustainable operations. Our suppliers play an important role in this. Since 2011, we’ve awarded vendors who excel in responsible business practices.

And we’re doing it again today.

The Evolution of Prepaid Phone Packaging

By Swathy Ramaswamy and Tammy Hurt

We are working to improve the sustainability of our prepaid phone packaging throughout its entire life cycle.  We focus on reducing the amount of material used, utilizing materials from renewable sources, increasing recycled content and end-of-life recyclability, and improving the efficiency for transporting the packages. 

Sustainability in the Supply Chain Starts With our Employees

By Swathy Ramaswamy

At AT&T, sustainability is a bedrock value and we are always exploring ways to ensure it is embedded across the organization. In supply chain, we have hundreds of managers who source and distribute numerous products and services to meet our customers’ needs and ensure our operations run smoothly. We engage and educate those managers to make sure sustainability is integrated into those operations.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  The time when most consumers are earnestly focused on fulfilling the wishes and desires of those they love the most.  During the holiday season, e-commerce and order fulfillment become more important than ever, as the delivery of an item can make or break holiday experiences.  In a recent survey conducted by Sealed Air, the importance and implications of the online shopping and delivery experience were brought to light. 

Sustainable Packaging

How to pack more sustainably this holiday season

Shipping a package? Even small changes in the way you pack and ship items can make a big difference for our planet.

Portioned Coffee: An April Fool’s Attitude - A Critical Look At What Is True

By Daniel Weston, Global Head of Creating Shared Value (CSV), Nespresso

Let me start by saying that I don’t expect you to believe what you are about to read. Why should you take an opinion of an executive of a multi-national at face value?


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