Fifteen & Counting

Cheryl Heller’s presentation charts Sappi's Ideas that Matter's history and impact, as well as the evolving path of social design

I’m very proud of the social responsibility platform that Sappi supports. My company focuses on three critical groups: communities, customers and employees. Part of our customer outreach includes the Sappi Ideas that Matter grant program, which awards grants to designers who help nonprofit organizations make a meaningful difference in the communities they support by using their skills, creativity and design thinking.

Fifty-Five Years Later, Sealed Air Innovations Still Lead the Way in Sustainability

Press Release

Charlotte, NC, February 25, 2015 /3BL Media/ – Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE) celebrates today its fifty-fifth anniversary since its founding as a company by Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes. The two inventors set out to create a new wall covering by laminating two plastic sheets with air bubbles between them. Although the invention never caught on as interior decor, the two men discovered their new material’s lightweight and insulating properties were very useful—first as greenhouse insulation and then as the packaginging material we now know as Bubble Wrap®.

Sappi etc.: The $100 Million Renaissance

How one retailer discovers that catalogs are the single most effective driver of online and in-store sales

J.C. Penney recently announced they would relaunch a mailed home goods catalog in March after a three-year hiatus. Their goal is to reach and engage with their existing customer base who are responsive to the printed medium. Is this the bell weather for the future of print catalogs?

By: Daniel Dejan, Sappi etc. Print & Creative Manager

Life Lived Live

Live events are gaining popularity even in an increasingly digital world

Why—with all our digital devices, 24/7 media streams, access to webinars, videos, and written content—would anyone attend a live event? It certainly isn't the most convenient way to access someone’s opinion, data, their process or experiences. Yet, despite access to ‘everything’ on the internet, events and conferences seem to be gaining popularity and growing their attendee numbers.

The Book's the Thing

Is a book a commodity, a decorative item or an experience and a journey?

As a designer, I admire all things paper. As a bibliophile, I am drawn to the power of books. So, I was intrigued when I heard of Thatcher Wine who custom-tailors libraries from his workshop in Boulder, Colorado. Juniper Books, Wine’s studio, focuses on building tailored libraries, curating unique book sets and designing custom book covers.

Color Me Happy

How do you find, communicate and deliver the exact color you want?

I travel over 200 days a year and spend plenty of time camped out in hotel rooms, lobbies, airport lounges and restaurants planning and presenting talks to designers, printers and paper distributors. I often talk about protocols and standards—measuring attributes in order to achieve and deliver perfection. You can imagine that it’s hard to delight a road warrior like me, but every once in while I discover a place that is enticing enough to make me want to pack my bags and beat a path to their door. And so it is with a newly launched “hotel of colors” by our friends at Pantone.

Sappi North America Continues to Celebrate Print Excellence With 2015 Printer of the Year Call for Entries

Enter now to become the next Printer of the Year

Show us what the future of printing looks like.

Printers everywhere are continually finding new ways to inspire and engage people with astonishing creativity. We’re proud to celebrate and recognize the most brilliant and visionary ideas shaping the future of our industry with Sappi’s Printer of the Year contest.

Reading is Still Fundamental

Reading must be made a priority in order to prepare for the future

A topic that continues to surface in current theories of perception is the neuroscience of haptics—the science of how touch and tactile information is sent to our brains. As a designer, I’m especially intrigued with how this science impacts comprehension and what it means to us—as humans—to read ink-on-paper, versus absorbing content digitally. How does reading on a computer screen, laptop or mobile device differ from consuming print on paper? And, ultimately, how does the difference influence how we learn and what we learn, or even what we unconsciously choose to digest.

Changing Channels

Daniel Dejan discusses his resolutions for 2015

At this time of year “resolution” is synonymous with “change”. We wish to lose weight, increase our exercise regime or improve our skills. For me, resolution is such a funny word as it’s mostly been a reference to the quality of images and output for printing. That said, even I make plans every year for the things I would like to focus on in the coming year. The most important issue for me in 2015 is twofold. First, I want to ensure that I am effectively communicating with creative professionals in order to inspire and educate.


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