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PNC Named Among Working Mother’s 2018 “100 Best Companies”

This marks the seventeenth year that PNC Financial Services Group has been included in this list.

Working Mother revealed its annual list of the 2018 “100 Best Companies” today, celebrating companies that lead in the areas of female career advancement, paid parental leave, childcare assistance, benefits and flextime. This marks the seventeenth year that PNC Financial Services Group has been included in this list.

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It’s Time to Put the ‘Human’ in Human Resources

Andrea started on an unconventional career path, and now she uses her experiences, openness, and passion to help Nestlé employees thrive and build their careers.

By Andrea Walton, Manager of Human Resources at Nestlé USA

I was 15 when my first daughter was born with a radial club hand, a disability causing her arm to be angled incorrectly. After 36 hours of labor, I was no longer just a teenager. I was the mother of a special needs child.

Here's How Six Companies Take The Lead Supporting Working Mothers


VMware has distinguished itself among the 2017 JUST Capital Rankings as a leader in supporting working mothers.

The article, posted on Forbes, found that of the 875 companies ranked, VMware was among six companies that:

Nestlé’s Parent Support Spotlight on Michael: Taking the Time You Need as a New Foster Dad

“Paid parental leave meant we could give our foster kids the attention they need.”

by Michael, Forklift Operator at Nestlé Purina

Nestlé’s Parent Support Spotlight on Tyler: Building Your Relationship as a New Dad

“I want other dads to be able to have that time to bond with their child.”

by Tyler, Unit Operator at Nestlé Purina

I have been a unit operator in packing and production at the Purina factory in Davenport, Iowa for five years now. When my wife had our first daughter, Emmalyn, a few months after I started, I took one week of vacation and one week of unpaid time off. It was definitely not long enough, and it was rough getting going after that.

Nestlé’s Parent Support Spotlight on Tessa: Time with Family Close and Far

“It wasn’t just my time with Lila that was valuable, but also the time we were able to spend with my family.”

by Tessa, quality department at Nestlé Purina

I had my first child, little Lila, on Halloween. We didn’t know we were having a girl — we waited to find out, which made it even more fun and sweet. Before she was born, I had talked with my manager and HR manager about prepping for leave. They explained the new policy which had just launched 2 months prior, and a leave specialist talked to me a number of times to explain all the options.

Nestlé’s Parent Support Spotlight on Nicole: Being in the Moment

“With the Parent Support Policy, I talked to my daughter more, read to her more, and embraced being in the moment.”

by Nicole, Director of Government Relations and Public Affairs at Nestlé

We’re a family of five: my husband, my four year old son Davis, my two year old son Ellis, and my six-month old daughter Audra.

Nestlé’s Parent Support Spotlight on Kelly: Being There for the First Belly Laugh

“I was there for my daughter’s first belly laugh, I could even see her personality start to develop more.”

by Kelly, Team Lead Human Resources at Nestlé Purina

I’ve been with Nestlé Purina for eleven years. I joined immediately after I graduated college, and I earned my master’s degree in HR management with educational support from Purina. I became the team lead of HR operations five years ago.

Nestlé’s Parent Support Spotlight on Randy: Finding Support While Supporting Your Family

“Nestlé is there to support you as you support your family.”

by Randall, Quality Supervisor and Facility Hygienist at Nestlé

I’ve been married for five years, and I’m now a father of a an almost-three-year old son and an eight-month old son. I always wanted to work with a company that understands work-life balance — one of the reasons I came to work for Nestlé is because when I was researching companies, I always saw that they take care of their employees. That was the company I wanted to work for. It’s great to feel like it’s not just you and a keyboard, Nestlé is there to support you as you support your family.

Nestle’s Parent Support Spotlight on Meghan: Finding a Culture of Care

“I have a whole different level of commitment now, not just because of the benefits like paid leave and fertility support, but because of the culture of care.”

by Meghan, Employee Wellness Specialist at Nestlé USA

In 2012, my husband and I began trying to get pregnant. After several unsuccessful years, we decided on In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) but didn’t know how we’d pay for it.


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