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February 1, 2016

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Saving Energy, Water and Time by Keeping Our Air Fleet Clean

By Helen Saunders, FedEx Express Communications

Keeping a fleet of vehicles clean is a necessary, but important task for businesses whose calling card is their livery and the condition of which reflects directly on the brand – good or bad. But when your fleet includes aircraft, the task takes on a whole new level of complexity.

After all, it’s hardly possible to call into the local car wash with a 767.

Sanofi – Gilles Lhernould Announces the Beginning of COP21

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Sanofi – Gilles Lhernould announces the beginning of COP21.

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Sanofi – Cop 21 - Jean Christophe Bligny - Attenuation: Sanofi’s Carbon Path

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Sanofi commits to reducing its carbon footprint by adopting responsible practices to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions throughout the world.

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Sanofi – Cop 21 - What are the Consequences for Climate Change on Population’s Health?

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Sylvie Joussaume, Climatologist at National Institute of Sciences of the Universe (CNRS, France), explains how climate change is already noticeable and affects people's health: extreme weather events, food shortages, restrict access to water or air pollution, are some of its consequences.

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Sanofi – Cop 21 - Sanofi, Committed Against Dengue Fever, a Disease Impacted by Climate Change

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Michael Watson, VP Vaccination Policy & Advocacy chez Sanofi Pasteur, details the future evolutions of Dengue due to climate change.

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Bloomberg Philanthropies: Through Our Instagram Lens



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In 2015, our work spanned the globe and the spectrum of opportunities, from safeguarding public health on the roads and encouraging local climate action to boosting the arts and empowering women entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Path After Paris and the Power of Technology

By Tim Fleming

On December 12,  the COP21 climate summit in Paris culminated in an historic agreement that was unanimously adopted by 195 nations. The agreement was the result of two weeks of intense negotiations between almost every country on the planet. Years of effort from government, business and civil society fueled the momentum for a substantive and strong international accord. Having successfully achieved that goal, the hard work now begins.


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