Enabling Covid Recovery and Encouraging Vaccinations for All

How We Are Leading with Love Through More Acts of Good
As COVID-19 continues to challenge many parts of the world, Procter & Gamble remains focused on three priorities: protecting our people, serving consumers, and supporting communities. While some people are sensing a return to normalcy on the horizon, many others are still facing the devastating health and economic effects of the pandemic.

Celebrating Parents with a Million Acts of Love

“Once you are real… it lasts for always.”

There’s nothing like a child’s love to make you feel real. When your baby locks eyes on yours for the first time, there’s that spark of connection. They wrap those tiny arms around your neck and you’re flooded with unparalleled joy. That first “I love you”? It cracks your heart right open.

Employee Successfully Pivots Career from Admin to Supply Chain Technician


When Omayra Serrano moved from New York City to Dayton, a mid-sized city in Ohio, to be closer to her family, she thought she would continue working in the field of administration. But, an unexpected opportunity — and a leap of faith on Omayra’s part — turned into a new career pathway at our Dayton Mixing Center.

The Role of Collaboration in Driving Forest Restoration

Words by Kate Zerrenner

Despite progress over the past decade in government commitments to combating climate change and protecting forests, corporate “no-deforestation” and human rights policies, and significant investments to support sustainable forest management, the rate of natural forest loss continues to increase. Forest loss impacts not only the environment, but also approximately 1.3 billion forest communities and Indigenous Peoples who rely on forests for their livelihoods.

How One Bus Ticket Changed Everything

Irma Olguin’s big idea is to tech-train women and people of color, improve opportunity in struggling communities, and change the face of the tech industry. As she explained at Signal 2020, it’s working.

When Irma Olguin was a child, she rolled raisins alongside her parents, aunts, uncles and cousins in the fruiting fields of Central California, supplier of 30% of the world’s food. “Coming from a place like that, growing up in that way and that’s all you know, that’s all that surrounds you, you don’t see things in front of you like starting a company or becoming a tech CEO or anything but that life that is laid out in front of you,” she says.

Widen the Screen

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Words alone won’t create change. Sustained action and investment are necessary to address the systemic bias and inequality in advertising and media. Widen The Screen is an expansive content creation, talent development, and partnership platform that celebrates creativity and enables Black creators to share the full richness of the Black experience. Only when we Widen The Screen to Widen Our View can we all broaden the spectrum of the images we see, the voices we hear, the stories we tell, and the people we understand. Fully.

Choose Equal.

How can we show up and act for women on International Women’s Day?

In downturns and disasters throughout history, women always bear a heavy cost – more of the jobs lost, more of the frontline care, and often – more of the burden at home. The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception, but today we have another chance for equality if we all choose to step forward as equals and set a higher standard to care equal, hire equal, pay equal, do equal and Choose Equal.

Secret Deodorant | Strength Stories: Superhero Moms

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90% of mom’s feel like they aren’t doing enough, yet they’re shouldering the weight of the pandemic. Secret believes that women and families shouldn’t have to sweat childcare, and we are partnering with YWCA to help pay for childcare services and programming for more than 100,000 women and their families.


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