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Announcing Data for Good Exchange 2016 (#D4GX): Better Governance


On Sunday September 25th 2016, we will once again convene our growing community around the topic of “Data for Social Good” at our Data for Good Exchange 2016. The overall theme for this year’s event will be “better governance” – how data science can be applied to solve public interest problems.

Trustees Are Not Thermometers


Back to the Future: Apocalypse Now

Part Three of "Time to Talk About the Public Interest"

Third in a Series: Time to Talk About the Public Interest

Time to Talk About the Public Interest


The TakeAway: Current global activity about “materiality” and “multiple capitals” seek to embed environmental, social, and governance considerations within corporate and investor commitments to accountability and sustainability. But they’re the latest iteration of an ancient ethic waiting to be reborn.

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