Corporate Conversations on Purpose Continues With Episodes Focused on Stakeholders

Business Leaders Translating Purpose into Business Success
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June 29, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Purpose is the new frontier for performance and competitive advantage in today's ever-changing and ever-challenging business landscape.

Phil Preston, CEO of The Business Purpose Project and Lynne Filderman, Founder of Curation On Purpose LLC are pleased to announce the release of the next three installments Corporate Conversations on Purpose (CCoP), a series of 30-minute virtual conversations with business leaders and advisers who offer their expertise and candid insights into navigating purpose-based transformation.

Purpose Under Pressure: Employees Have Spoken. Is Your Company Listening?

Purpose can be critical to stability and retention during times of crisis

Purpose Under Pressure, released jointly by Carol Cone ON PURPOSE, The Harris Poll, and Allison+Partners, examines the benefits of a strong Purpose during periods of volatility, as well as how Purpose can help create more resilient organizations to face ongoing business, operational and societal challenges. Purpose Under Pressure explores how corporate Purpose – the reason a company exists beyond profits – drives employees’ decision-making and overall buy-in.

Defining Purpose: Any Road Will Take You There, If You Don't Know Where (or Why) You're Going


CSR, ESG, social impact, corporate citizenship … The more accepted “purpose” becomes as a core business strategy, the more challenging it becomes to define “it.” Over my 30-plus years of shaping the practice of linking businesses with social and environmental issues, I’ve seen many phrases used (and misused).

New Episodes of “Corporate Conversations on Purpose”

Business Leaders Focus on Purpose and ESG Through Different Prisms
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April 28, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Purpose is the new frontier for performance and competition in today's business landscape and failing to adapt means companies will struggle to remain competitive in their markets. 

Phil Preston, CEO of The Business Purpose Project and Lynne Filderman, Founder of Curation On Purpose LLC are pleased to announce the second installment of their virtual production, Corporate Conversations on Purpose, a series of 30-minute virtual conversations with business leaders who offer their expertise and candid insights in navigating purpose-based transformations.

PRWeek Names Carol Cone a 2022 Women of Distinction Honoree

Cone is among 26 women to receive this year’s coveted honor.
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NEW YORK, March 31, 2022 /3BL Media/ - PRWeek’s Women of Distinction and Women to Watch honors communications pros who set the bar higher within their organizations.

26 Business Leaders Share How Purpose Powers Their Organizations


I used to close each episode of my podcast, Purpose 360, by asking my guests and listeners, “What is your purpose?” Last year, that changed.

Purpose 360 Podcast eBook Uncovers 75+ Insights From Business Leaders

Visionaries including Paul Polman share how organizations embrace and embed purpose to advance business and social impacts.
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NEW YORK, February 23, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Leading podcast Purpose 360, hosted by purpose pioneer Carol Cone, today released the second edition of its eBook series, featuring a special section on Paul Polman, former Unilever CE0, and insights from 25 other guests. The show, which recently celebrated its 100th episode, features conversations with senior leaders from diverse backgrounds about their journeys to identify, integrate, and activate purpose in their organizations.

Communicating On Purpose: How to Generate and Talk About Enduring Social Impact


Not too long ago, I was approached by a major company eager to build its reputation as one of the “good guys.” Their CEO didn’t top noteworthy lists of admired leaders, and few knew of their charitable giving. The problem, they thought, was that they were just too humble.

They were dead wrong — and somewhat right. Here’s what I mean, and what you can learn from their story, no matter how big your business is.

Not as generous as they thought

Meet 'Believers,' the Employees Activating Purpose in Business-to-Business Companies


By: Carol Cone

The most successful companies of the next decade may all share one common trait: a purpose, or reason for being, beyond profits, that is activated. An activated purpose is one that is not just written on walls and in handbooks, but integrated in culture, operations, products and services, and communications to measurably impact the business and society.

2022 Will Be the Great Reckoning for Corporate Purpose

Look for leaders to go beyond net zero actions to net positive actions that focus on restoring, reinvigorating, and regenerating the environment and society.


Amid an ongoing pandemic, climate crisis, Great Resignation, and battles for the most basic human rights, stakeholders continue to demand more of organizations. Employees are leaving companies not aligned with their values for others that offer a greater sense of purpose, consumers are boycotting brands whose values differ from theirs, and investors are shifting assets to companies that demonstrate long-term ESG commitments.


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