KidzAlive Mobilized

Leveraging mobile technology & creative storytelling to enhance HIV prevention, care and treatment for children and adolescents

Great strides have been made in the fight against HIV and AIDS globally. This is especially true in South Africa, which has the world’s largest HIV treatment program. However, largely due to social and structural barriers, children and adolescents are still being left behind. The KidzAlive Mobilized program aims to help fill the gap.

The Future of Work Is Already Here. Here's How Always-Connected PCs Can Empower Business Across Sectors To Adapt


The global pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on communities, accelerating the shift to remote work and catching businesses across sectors by surprise during a difficult time.

Decades of R&D Created a “G” Like No Other

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Wireless technology has come a long way from simple voice calls to connecting virtually everything. Getting to 5G hasn’t been easy. It’s taken almost 40 years and tens of billions of dollars in research and development. Explore how each generation has evolved and improved the wireless experience.

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Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerate Event - Mayors Panel Announced


Register today for Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerate 2020 where we’ll explore the most recent technology advances, business models, and lessons that can make the Smart Connected Cities and Connected Spaces a reality.

Learn and hear from city leaders, the ecosystem, and solution providers on the latest technological advancements and deployments in a variety of smart connected spaces.

Join us for this virtual event on Wednesday, December 9, from 9am – 12pm PT or 7pm – 10pm PT, kicking off with a fireside chat with President Cristiano Amon.

Join Qualcomm's Virtual Smart Cities Accelerate 2020 on Wednesday, December 9


This year, we’re looking forward to bringing the ecosystem together again — virtually — at Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerate 2020. Join us Wednesday, December 9, at 9:00 a.m. PT, kicking off with an opening keynote with President Cristiano Amon. We’ll explore the most recent technology advances, business models, and lessons that can make the Smart Connected Cities and Connected Spaces a reality. Register now and we’ll keep you updated with the full agenda and further details.

Qualcomm™ Wireless Reach®: Addressing Local Communities' COVID-19 Needs


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people’s lives in ways that were unimaginable less than one year ago. Along with the challenges have come great opportunities for innovative, sustainable solutions that use advanced mobile technologies to improve people’s lives.

The Future of Mobile AI Is Being Led by Talented Women

By Rodrigo Amaral

The future of mobile AI is being led by talented women across the board, that being in the creation of new software, hardware or in deep in the weeds of research. Here at Qualcomm we depend on our women engineers to fuel the most cutting-edge solutions we offer. So, earlier this month we set down with MIT Tech Review in a discussion about the importance of women driving AI innovation and explored some of the latest advancements brought through their work. Advancements ranging from our AI Model Efficiency Toolkit (AIMET) to Duolingo’s birdbrain model were topics explored in depth.

“Ask the Expert” Q&A With CTIA's Michelle James on Their New Smart Cities Playbook

The Qualcomm Developer Network goes deeper into Smart Cities and asks an expert.

In our Qualcomm Developer Network blog post, Developers Helping Smart Cities Be Smarter, we looked at some of the technology challenges cities are facing, and strategies on how developers could get involved.

Exclusive: New Group Aims To Make Patenting, Inventing More Diverse

By Ashley Gold

A new coalition will work to change the status quo among U.S. patent holders, who are largely white males, and introduce more diversity in inventing and patenting, according to an announcement shared exclusively with Axios.

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