Mobile-Enabled Rapid Cardiovascular Screening Improves Health Care for Rural Patients in China


The global health burden of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is on the rise and disproportionately affects rural residents. Researchers from the Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Disease recently concluded that “the morbidity and mortality of CVD in China are increasing persistently, although the government has taken an active part in the prevention and control of CVD.”1 In addition, early detection and consistent monitoring, accompanied by necessary treatment, have the potential to decrease health risks associated with CVD.

Project SIM: Smart Mobile Health

Improving outcomes for patients with diabetes through the use of 3G and 4G technologies

Project SIM: Smart Mobile Health is a twelve-month clinical study in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that aims to demonstrate how an innovative mobile health platform can be an effective approach to improving outcomes for patients with type 2 diabetes. The specialized platform supports patient adherence and engagement in treatment through remote monitoring and better access to educational resources. The clinical study protocol was approved by the Rio de Janeiro State University and the City of Rio de Janeiro’s Health Secretariat.


Qualcomm® Thinkabit Lab™ Educators Engage Remote Students With Hands-On STEM Activities in Connected Learning Environment

By Dr. Gloria Bañuelos, Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab Head

August and September are traditionally back-to-school months, but this school year looks vastly different. Without nationwide rules and regulations for schools reopening (or not), there are many unanswered questions. When will virtual class start and end each day? What platforms will be used? What devices and technology are needed for successful teaching and learning? What resources will schools provide? Last-minute decisions and lack of agreement perpetuates frustration and confusion.

'5G Master Class' From the Washington Post BrandStudio Explores the Human and Economic Benefits of 5G


As 5G goes mainstream this year, policymakers need to know what it is, how it works, and how the technology can help us build a more resilient economy. For over a decade, our engineers and researchers worked tirelessly to make the once-thought-impossible technological breakthroughs needed to launch this next generation of wireless.

Today's Technology Advancements Shaping Tomorrow's Smart Transportation

By Jim Misener | Senior Director, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies

In this blog post, we outline our vision for an intelligent transportation system of the future and talk about our broad range of advanced technologies that can drive safer, sustainable, and smart transportation solutions.


In this blog post, we outline our vision for an intelligent transportation system of the future and talk about our broad range of advanced technologies that can drive safer, sustainable, and smart transportation solutions.

Empowering the Blind or Visually Impaired Community in China


Imagine being blind or visually impaired (BVI) and being unable to access information that would help you navigate to a bus stop or read the expiration date on a milk carton. This would affect your ability to live independently and complete everyday tasks.

Qualcomm and Microsoft Talk Equity for Women in Tech [Podcast]

Multimedia with summary

Pre-pandemic, and in celebration of International Women’s Day, Qualcomm employees gathered on campus for an engaging conversation about women in tech. Hosted by Qualcomm Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Vicki Mealer-Burke, Qualcomm President Cristano Amon took the stage with friend Roanne Sones, Corporate Vice President, Operating System & Intelligent Edge at Microsoft.

Wireless Solutions for Artisanal Marine Fishermen in India


For generations, artisanal, or small-scale, marine fishermen in India’s coastal communities earned their livelihoods by relying on their traditional knowledge of the sea and fishing grounds. All that changed with the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program to Provide Transformational Technology and Services to 33 Selected Small Businesses: From Music Teaching to Cleantech Engineering

Selected small businesses to receive customized solutions and support from qualcomm’s ecosystem of partners, to accelerate digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic
Press Release

SAN DIEGO, September 9, 2020 /3BL Media/ - Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. today announced selections for the Qualcomm® Small Business Accelerator Program, which is designed to help small businesses transition to a mobile-first digital work environment to thrive in today’s business climate and set-up for success in the long-term.

Qualcomm Wireless Reach: Hapinoy Mobile Money Hubs


In the Philippines, the use of 3G – enabled Android smartphones is empowering Nanay (Tagalog for “Mother”) entrepreneurs to become Mobile Money Agents. By offering this service through the Mobile Money Hubs program, Nanays in the Hapinoy sari-sari store program can generate additional income by providing quick and reliable remittance service in the convenience of their customer’s local neighborhood stores.


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