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Technology has dramatically changed how companies engage employees in CSR. For example:

What Is Skills-Based Volunteering?


Skills-based volunteering is one of those loosely defined areas of our practice that can sometimes confuse people. I have spoken to several practitioners about their definition of skills-based volunteering and the answers are all over the map. It made me think that if we’re going to advance this practice, we’d better agree on some basics.

So, let’s answer the question: What is skills-based volunteering? 

Employee Activism: Where CSR and Civic Engagement Meet


The only voice in the corporation that can authentically stand for purpose is the voice of the employee. Explore with us how companies are entering the conversation about corporate citizenship and civic engagement and how you can connect your company’s purpose and values to the activism of employees.

Read Angela Parker's latest blog: Employee Activism: Where CSR and Civic Engagement Meet 

Hosting an Engaging Webinar in 4 Steps


In a society of constant digital connection, isn’t it ironic that webinars are simply the worst? First of all, they’re called webinars. Web seminar? Really? Second, they’re rarely engaging, usually dry, and most often a good excuse to play a solid game of Solitaire. Maybe there’s nothing like a face-to-face meeting, but in lieu?

Proofs and Research: Volunteering Benefits Individuals and Companies


Realized Worth has gathered evidence that supports the business case for corporate volunteering from a talent, engagement and recruitment perspective, as well as from the employee perspective. 

If you want to strengthen your case for corporate volunteering, this is a must-read blog by Angela Parker on the benefits of volunteering at corporate and individual level.

Health Benefits of Volunteering for the Employee Volunteer


When a company asks employees to volunteer, there is a tendency to lean heavily on community impact as a benefit. Impact is certainly a benefit to the community, and a desired result. Yet, there are plenty of benefits to the individual volunteer that CSR practitioners can leverage to engage employees more effectively in volunteerism. One of the most significant benefits is the effect volunteering has on personal health and well-being.

Multi-Sector Partnerships - The Key to a Brighter Future?


Blackrock CEO Larry Fink wrote a letter last year that shook the business world. Fink, CEO of one of the most influential investment management companies in the world, urged CEOs around the world to take responsibility and action for their company’s social impact.  

Pro Bono Today: What’s New, What’s Working


Not too long ago, LBG Associates and LBG Research Institute studied the challenges of pro bono from the nonprofit point of view. Since then, we’ve been wondering what companies have been doing with their pro bono programs that might help nonprofits overcome some of the challenges identified in that study. We also wondered what innovative or unique practices companies have come up with.


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