Recycling: The Ins, Outs and When to Throw It Out


Recycling has come a long way. It was not long ago that you had to sort materials into separate bins yourself and then drive them across town to find a drop-off. Nowadays, single sort and curbside pick-up are more common and make recycling easier. As a result, the number of households that recycle continues to rise. Labels have also become easier to read as the industry transitions from numbers-based (e.g. 1, 2, 3) to easy-to-read labels from How2Recycle®.

PAXXUS Joins Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council

Press Release

The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council is pleased to welcome PAXXUS, a manufacturer of flexible packaging materials, as the newest member. PAXXUS is a leading supplier of engineered flexible materials for the global healthcare market and is dedicated to supporting the complex regulatory requirements of the medical device, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries.

Make 'Plastic Free July' Lifestyle Changes Stick for Good


Diets are bad for losing weight and keeping it off for good. That 30-day cleanse or month-long no carb diet might help you temporarily take off a few pounds, but as soon as you go back to your old lifestyle, the pounds come back too. We should all take the same approach with Plastic Free July and make it a lifestyle change, not just a temporary one. And yes, it’s possible to choose to reduce how much plastic you use, if not even more vital to do in the face of a global pandemic.

Don't Foil It: How Aluminum Can Help You Have a More Sustainable Summer


Now that it’s officially summer, you may notice that your kitchen is beginning to include a lot of aluminum

Westfall Technik Inc. Joins Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council

Press Release

June 24, 2021 /3BL Media/ - The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) is pleased to welcome Westfall Technik, a global holding company that provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions for molded plastic parts, as its newest member. Focused on serving the medical, packaging, and consumer goods segments, Westfall Technik owns approximately one million square feet of manufacturing space and 400 molding machines across 19 strategic locations.

Report Ranks 50 U.S. States on Recycling Performance, Assesses Impact of Deposit Return System and Other Recycling Policies


A recent report by international environment consultancy Eunomia, with support from Ball Corporation (NYSE: BLL), offers the first state-by-state comparison of recycling rates for the most commonly used containers and packaging materials in the United States: "The 50 States of Recycling: A State-by-State Assessment of

GP Brings Its Juno Fiber Recovery Technology On-line

By Jaren Paben, Resource Recycling

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Paper products manufacturer Georgia-Pacific has opened a processing unit to recover fiber from particularly contaminated streams that would otherwise be landfilled.

U.S. Plastics Pact Unveils National Strategy to Achieve 2025 Circular Economy Goals

Holding Accountable More than 95+ Organizations, The U.S. Plastics Pact Roadmap Outlines Specific Actions and Responsibilities to Realize a Circular Economy for Plastics in America
Press Release

ASHEVILLE, N.C., June 15, 2021 /3BL Media/ -  The U.S. Plastics Pact (“U.S. Pact”), a consortium led by The Recycling Partnership and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s global Plastics Pact Network, today unveiled an aggressive national strategy to ensure all plastic packaging will be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025.

Ørsted Commits to Sustainable Recycling of Wind Turbine Blades

Ørsted commits to either reuse, recycle, or recover all of the wind turbine blades in its global portfolio of onshore and offshore wind farms upon decommissioning.

On Ørsted's Capital Markets Day on 2 June, the company announced its new commitment to either reuse, recycle, or recover all of the wind turbine blades in Ørsted's global portfolio of onshore and offshore wind farms upon decommissioning. The commitment comes as a part of Ørsted's new company strategy which includes an ambition to expand its leading sustainability position and as part of the work towards achieving a carbon-neutral footprint by 2040.

O-I Partners With Its Local Communities to Create Glass Recycling Access

Glass for Good Designed to Inspire Glass Recycling and Social Impact
Press Release

May 28, 2021 /3BL Media/ - O-I has announced the launch of Glass for Good—a community-centered glass recycling program that directly benefits these communities by generating charitable donations for recycled glass. Glass for Good is designed to be a collaborative program between O-I and the communities where O-I operates.

Through Glass for Good, O-I will secure infrastructure that will provide glass recycling access to local residents. As glass is collected and recycled through the program, O-I will fund charitable donations that will address areas of need in the community.


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