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The Paradigm Shift to Embracing Remote Work at NASA

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Ed Faulkner, SAIC VP of programs, chats with Huntsville, Alabama CBS affiliate WHNT about the space agency's adoption of remote work and collaboration, thanks to SAIC's digital transformation services, solutions, and support. Faulkner discusses how secure cloud computing and virtual infrastructure have enabled NASA's staff to continue working and innovating remotely.

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Alexion's 2020 Global Intern Program Remains Strong Despite COVID-19 Hurdles


Many organizations shuttered their intern programs due to COVID-19 this year, but not Alexion. The company maintained its plans to welcome the 2020 class of interns by quickly pivoting to a virtual program that promises to be as engaging, educational and rewarding as an in-office experience. Adding to the challenge was insuring our international virtual internship program spans several EU countries — Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany and France – was designed with even greater flexibility to accommodate the requirements of Europe’s various education systems.

The Time Is Now to Make Mental Health an EHS Priority


Despite this being a year that will go down as memorable for all of the wrong reasons, 2020 will also be remembered as a time where we stepped up to take care of one another.

In the face of the pandemic and national unrest, organizations have begun to place a greater emphasis on the mental health of their employees. After all, no matter the size, industry or scale, a company’s people are its most vital assets.

The Cisco Intern Experience Goes Virtual


This post was authored by Carl Hubbard an HR Undergraduate Program intern.

It’s hard to believe that just eight months ago, from my little apartment in Florence, Italy, I was clicking through the electronic paperwork for the offer I had just received from Cisco. I was going to be an incoming intern for the HR Undergraduate Program (HRUP) during the Summer 2020 season – and I could not have been more excited.

Digitalization to Advance Health and Well-Being During a Moment of Crisis


Quarantines and social distancing measures across the globe are driving technology innovations in ways we couldn’t imagine just a couple just a couple months ago. Digital solutions for keeping us connected and safe are evolving rapidly to address new wants and needs. From social platforms to telemedicine, we are dependent on a host of digital solutions to support us through this unprecedented challenge.

How Ready is the World to Work While Still Social Distancing?

A new analysis gauges countries’ digital readiness

As businesses and governments worldwide scramble to adjust to social distancing, they are often turning to online tools, from webinar platforms to digital payments to social media for advertising. But as a new analysis from The Fletcher School at Tufts University shows, not all countries are ready for this new normal. Like the many other disparities laid bare by this pandemic, the digital divide is quickly becoming apparent.

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