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Working With Water: Identifying Risk, Enhancing Resilience

By Kimberly Grubert, Project Consultant, WSP

Resilience is a journey, not a destination. As the climate has changed, so have the approaches needed to understand and proactively address associated risks and opportunities. In a changing climate, utilities, governments and corporations across all sectors are realizing that looking to the past is no longer sufficient to plan for the future.

Bridging the Net Zero Innovation Gap: How Collaboration and Technology Is Critical to a 1.5C Pathway With PME and BT

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February 8, 2022 /3BL Media/ - With 45% emissions reductions needed by 2030 to keep warming below 1.5°C governments and corporates need to go further and faster to reach Net-Zero. Radical technological transformation of industries plays a central role in business having a chance of hitting ambitious emissions targets.

To help you deliver net zero, join us for a one-hour debate with senior leaders sharing how they're aligning their organizations with an operating model in line with 1.5 degrees, enabled by cognitive technologies, policies and collaborations.

Webinar: United Airlines, ArcelorMittal and Bank of America on the Blueprint for Decarbonizing Industry

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October 13, 2021 /3BL Media/ - Have you had chance to sign up to Reuters Events’ exclusive webinar on Making the Impossible Possible: The Blueprint for Decarbonizing Industry? Hear from the CEOs of United Airlines, ArcelorMittal and Clariant on decarbonizing the hard to abate sectors.

Carbon Webinar: Cultivating a New Kind of Crop to Address Climate Change

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September 15, 2021 /3BL Media/ - Carbon farming, a nature-based climate solution that removes and reduces carbon in the atmosphere, is increasingly becoming part of the climate change discussion. Beneficial farming practices are beginning to scale across the world with direct positive impacts for farmers, rural communities, food security, and the environment. Companies and consumers can influence this progress through their choices.

Join Interface, WWF and IKEA at Responsible Business USA

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September 14, 2021 /3BL Media/ - After mass disruption businesses are ready to move beyond resilience and recovery to re-capturing growth. This transition is the largest investment opportunity in history and the new Administration marks a critical change in our efforts to tackle generation defining issues. This renewed vision will only be achieved if business seizes the opportunity and leads action both within the US and further afield.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Grow Your Business With Nestle, IBM and WBCSD

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September 10, 2021 /3BL Media/ - Sustainability Is Your Business Imperative. Regulatory requirements, consumer and investor pressures, along with the desire for cost savings and increased efficiencies have made sustainability critical to business success.

Industry Briefing: Climate Reporting Prototype Standard With CDSB, VRF, CDP & GRI

Press Release

September 3, 2021 /3BL Media/ - The path to a sustainable future is through the alignment of standards to a global system, which harnesses the unique power of the capital markets to change our global trajectory. The drive towards that standard, common language is intensifying as work continues on the climate-related financial disclosure prototype
To help you understand progress on the standard, the technical implications of its use and how it will fit alongside the main frameworks, Reuters Events have just produced a briefing with in-depth insights and analysis

McDonald's, BlackRock and GM on How the US Can Take the Lead on Climate Action

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August 30, 2021 /3BL Media/ - Biden admin set bold ambitions, clear commitment to take the lead which is needed – world’s biggest power needs to lead on the biggest risk of our lifetimes

To achieve the 2030 targets, it is critical that corporate America not just supports but also leads actions.

Webinar: Towards a Circular Economy for Plastic With Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Unilever, SupplyShift and WWF

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August 25, 2021 /3BL Media/ - Single-use plastics have become ingrained in modern society - by 2040, more than 1.3 billion tons of plastic waste will be dumped into the environment. The circular economy holds the key to reducing plastic’s impact on the planet. Yet companies cannot meet their circular economy or materials reduction goals without considering the supply chain.

Reuters Events in partnership with SupplyShift brings you this free 1-hour discussion, with industry leaders, to share ideas on advancing a circular economy for plastic.

Exclusive Report: Global Energy Transition Analytics & Outlook 2021, by Reuters Events

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August 24, 2021 /3BL Media/ - It is a measure of the urgency and importance of the energy transition that the staff of bp, once one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, were glad when their employer announced carbon-neutral targets. “I think I could find hardly anyone who doesn’t believe in what we’re doing in transitioning the company at a macro level,” said chief executive officer Bernard Looney during the Reuters Events Global Energy Transition 2021 event in June.


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