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Inside the 2019 Cisco Live US Dream Team


This post was written by Sarah Hurd, Content Strategist for Cisco’s Corporate Social Responsibility marketing team.

Bridging the Gap to Economic Vitality

By Jordi Botifoll Senior Vice President, Cisco Americas & President, Cisco LatAm

There’s no better place to talk about bridging the gap to economic vitality in Latin America than in Miami, where the 6th annual eMerge Americas conference recently took place. eMerge brings together business and government leaders who are transforming industries, countries, and lives with innovative digital technology.

eMerge organizers purposefully located the conference in Miami, the “tech hub of the Americas,” because of its position as a cultural and commercial bridge between Latin America and the United States.

Opening Doors Through a Mother’s Heart

From despair to hope, Iris Peralta found a new door opened, her life changed, and a new joy in being a mother, with help from a Florida program supported by Wells Fargo.

With motors and machine tools surrounding her, Iris Peralta smiles as she wields a welding gun at her workstation. Her work on the factory floor is to create new specialty parts for high-end sports cars.

She dons her protective helmet, positions the welding wand, and works the sweet science of machining she has come to love. With steady precision, she shapes the metal parts that will help the cars run like a top.

Meet Bishal, a Graduate from Generation India


Bishal enrolled in Generation India’s General Duty Assistant (GDA) program, which trains young people to work in hospitals. After graduation he found a job at Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital in Delhi—and he performed so well that he was quickly promoted.

Lacking the money or connections to find a good job

Meet Rose, a Graduate from Generation Kenya


Rose joined Generation Kenya in August 2015. After graduation she got a job as an insurance salesperson with Britam.

Generation stood with me

“Soon after I joined Generation, the worst happened – I lost my mother, the pillar of our family. I felt all hope was lost. But the Generation family stood with me and helped me restore hope. I will forever be grateful.”

New skills for work

Meet Brianna, a Graduate from Generation USA


Brianna joined Generation USA in 2015. After graduation she got a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Cadia Rehabilitation.

I was unsure about the path I wanted to take

Brianna completed high school and enrolled in college — but dropped out after a few months. “Looking back, I didn’t know where I was going with my life. I was unsure about my personal goals and the path I wanted to take.” Married with three young children, she worked a series of retail and food service jobs that offered no career growth and made it hard to provide for her family.

Meet Rahul, Graduate from Generation India


At 28 years old, Rahul Tiwari was one of the oldest participants in Generation’s first personal care assistant (PCA) training cohort in Delhi (PCAs are roughly the equivalent of certified nursing assistants).

Meet Stanley, a Graduate from Generation Kenya


Stanley joined Generation Kenya in 2015. After graduation he got a job as a sales associate with Old Mutual.

Poverty blocked my path

Stanley is one of eight children who was raised by a single mother in Nairobi. His family often struggled to find money for necessities like food and shelter. “All of us were raised in the slums – we have lived this life for a long time,” he says. Despite performing very well in school, Stanley was unable to afford university.

I had a dream

Learn About Generation's Impact on Young People

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Our Impact

Launched in 2015, Generation is committed not only to achieving the greatest impact we can, but also to sharing what we're learning and doing.


  • Countries: 5

  • Graduates: 8,000+

  • Cities: 24

  • Sites: 53

Key Stats

  • 54% of our graduates are female

  • 1/3 of all graduates have children

  • 2-6X more income per student ($10M in cumulative salaries)

Meet Erick from Generation Mexico


Erick graduated as part of Generation’s second cohort in Mexico in October 2015.


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