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Solar and Wind Liberated

In an amazingly bipartisan move, Congress just ensured the steady growth of wind and solar through 2021.

It’s astounding what Congress members can accomplish when they find that it’s in their best interest to cooperate. In order to ensure smooth sailing (at least on the budget front) until the 2016 election, Congress just passed a spending bill with none of the drama or tumult that has become its status quo. And, better yet, that spending bill promises to unleash the potential of solar and wind in our country as viable, cost-effective clean energy sources.

Milan’s Bosco Verticale is the World’s Most Beautiful Skyscraper

Milan's greenest building is powered by renewables and covered in trees.

The 2015 Milan Expo will be coming to a close at the end of October, and very little of the marvelous pavilions and buildings millions of people have been visiting will stay up after the final day. However, because of the huge scope and resonance of the event, the city had been going through a makeover to prepare for the beginning of Expo this May. In 2014, Milan’s skyline was permanently changed with the introduction of futuristic towers made of glass, iron, and most interestingly, trees.

Green Your Black Friday (And All Your Holidays)

7 Tips for Living More Sustainably This Holiday Season

We know this time of year can be one of excess consumption, and that's not always good for the environment. 

SunPower created this fun educational Green Your Black Friday infographic to raise awareness and to show how solar can be a part of living more sustainably during the holiday season.

We're also including a version of the graphic that can be used all throughout the month of December.

Installing Home Solar Panels in Seven Steps

A look at the home solar installation process
Multimedia with summary

SunPower created this infographic to help explain the home solar panel installation process. To see the full graphic, visit our blog.

For more information about going solar, visit


The Outrageous War on Solar

Fossil fuel interests are waging a shady war on solar through backroom transactions and bootleg deals. How long will they be able to rig the game?

84% of U.S. voters are in favor of “taking action to accelerate the development and use of clean energy”, but major fossil fuel interests don’t care as long as their profits are at stake.

A recent report by the Environment America exposed 12 special interest groups that are waging aggressive anti-solar campaigns in states across the country to quell the exponential growth that the solar industry has recently been experiencing.

A Clean Energy Future in Sight

President Obama sees the pathway to a clean energy future and confronts fossil fuel interests that are blocking progress and stifling free markets.

With the Paris Climate COP only months away, the heat is on world leaders to back big talk with viable plans for future climate action. Earlier this week, President Obama, at the forefront of the global stage, kicked off a 100-day climate tour with an impassioned presentation at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas.

Always the effective orator, Obama set a hopeful vision for a clean energy future, focusing his message on both the imperative and the financial benefits of immediate and decisive climate action.

HERS Rating a Passive House

An Innovation Design Request filed with RESNET is helping this Iowa DOE Zero Energy Ready Home and passive house project acquire a more accurate HERS Index.

A NEW BUILDING IS TAKING shape at Full Revolution Farm, a “micro eco-farm” located just outside of Des Moines, Iowa. This project, which will include bed-and-breakfast accommodations, is being built to the standards of Passive House International, ENERGY STAR 3.1 and DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH), which includes the standards of the EPA’s WaterSense and Indoor AirPLUS programs.

Creating the World's First Sustainable Highway

Mission Zero Corridor Project selects Innovia Technology to evaluate ground-breaking technologies
Press Release

Is it possible to have a ‘green highway’? The Mission Zero Corridor Project in West Georgia believes that it is. It has appointed breakthrough innovation consultancy Innovia Technology to help create a ‘travel corridor’ and rethink the purpose and function of this infrastructure to generate social, environmental and economic value.

NRG Renew to Develop 20MW Solar Energy Facility for Cisco

NRG Solar Blythe II to Help Cisco Achieve 2016 Renewable Energy Goals

NRG Renew LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of NRG Energy, Inc.

Musk's Latest 'First Principles' Breakthrough

By reducing problems to their most fundamental elements, SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity founder Elon Musk is able to create revolutionary solutions.

Elon Musk thinks differently than most people do. Rather than applying logic to issues that is derived from and compounded upon existing reasoning, Musk reduces issues to their essential core, and then develops new intelligence based on the fundamentals of pure reason.


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