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Rewarding Careers for Women in Tech


by Acacia Carr, Web Developer and Author of Uncommon Creative

The future is fast upon us as the stuff of science fiction becomes our daily lives. Technology has evolved at a speed none could have predicted. Smart phones, tablets, autonomous vehicles, drones, Bitcoin, bots, Alexa…the rise of Big Tech, and the advent of AI. There is virtually no part of daily life on Earth that has not yet been hit by the sonic waves of the tech boom. How we live, connect, learn, transact, identify, express, sustain, and find our way has all changed in the blink of an eye.

The Apple Interview

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GreenMoney Interview Series: "The Apple Interview"

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Whole Brain Thinking: Skills Sets for the New Conceptual Age


Mark Bickford

President, Business & Industry Solutions, Sodexo

History teaches us a great deal about building a workforce that can get the job done.

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