Are Public Companies Including Sustainability Information in the Traditional Financial Communications Channels? And a Conversation with Mondelez International Reporting on the Sustainability Journey

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (December 03, 2015)

We are almost at calendar year end and for many companies approaching fiscal year end -- and that means busy-busy-busy times in the corporate suite as senior managements prepare 4Q / year end results for the earnings release and the details of the earnings call to be scheduled not too far into the new year 2016.  The preparation for the 10-k will be underway in earnest at year-end.  So – reflecting the heightened interest of the investment community in sustainable investing -- what about companies including narrative and metrics related to the progress of the company’s sustaina

Sea Change for Public Sector Pension Funds And Other U.S. Fiduciaries – US DOL Green Lights ESG Investing…

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (November 19, 2015)

On an important societal issue (think of civil rights, or immigration, or highway construction funding, or criminal justice, or environmental protection) the U.S.

Good Advice for Corporate Boards on Sustainability From Bob Eccles - Prominent Harvard Business School Voice

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (November 10, 2015)

Professor Bob Eccles of Harvard Business School is out front and very vocal on key corporate sustainability issues (like the global Integrated Reporting movement and continued expansion of sustainable investing). In a Forbes commentary he offers advice for corporate leadership on “how to show corporate leadership [in sustainability], posing the question to boards and C-suite:  “What progress are we seeing in how boards of directors of public companies demonstrate leadership in sustainability?”

28 Predictions from Bentley University Experts On the Future Directions of of Sustainability (Sustainability Highlights | 11.05.2015)

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (November 5, 2015)

Bentley University (Waltham, MA) is a leading business school offering undergrad and MBA / MBS degrees. There are 4,200 undergrad and 1,400 grad students enrolled, studying accounting, finance, marketing, managements and liberal arts, all (the university says) "anchored" in technology.

Harvard’s Eccles on the UN SDGs – They Are “Good for Business”

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (October 29, 2015)

After months of study, deliberation and negotiation, members of the United Nations task force charged with establishing “Sustainable Development Goals” can take a bow -- all 193 member nations have signed on to the goals, which address a wide range of ESG issues, such as solving hunger and poverty issues, addressing inequalities, dealing with climate change issues, creating more “sustainable cities,” and encouraging “more responsible” consumption. 

Corporate Sustainability -- Advice For Fortune Readers -- It’s Not a “Choice”

SustainabilityHQ Highlights (October 7, 2015)

Two McKinsey managers present a commentary for Fortune readers -- corporate executives, board members, managers -– corporate sustainability is now critical to your business.  Cited: a McKinsey survey of 340 executives; 90% of respondents initiated their sustainability journey based on risk management concerns.  Authors Jeremy Oppenheim and Martin Stuchtey present brief examples of corporate benefits of sustainability efforts (a brewing company, water utility, China-based industrial), and examples of WalMart Stores, Nike, Unilever, DuPont sustainability initiatives.  These explain t

Dodd Frank Act at 5 Year Mark Now – There is Still Work to Do Weekly Highlights September 30, 2015

In 2007, the dominoes started to fall.  The debt auction rate market caught cold, leading in time to the broad capital markets and housing markets catching pneumonia.  Down went the dominoes – click/click/click – US housing prices plunged, lender foreclosures skyrocketed, equity share prices plummeted – and trillions’ of dollars of accumulated wealth disappeared – poof!

SustainabilityHQ Highlights | Are Consumer Companies Serious About What They Say in Their Sustainability Reports? (September 24, 2015) Weekly Highlights September 24, 2015

Forbes’ contributor Christopher Meyer seeks to ask and answer this question in our Top Story selection this week. He explores the actions and statements about responsibility to society that leading consumer marketers make. Is the commitment and action “for real,” or part of the effort to differentiate [a company] from its consumer market peers via smart PR?

G&A's SustainabilityHQ Highlights | 2015 RobecoSAM CSA & DJSI Results Released (September 17, 2015) Weekly Highlights September 17, 2015

This week, the results of the RobecoSAM's annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) were announced.  Along with it, we see the flurry of press releases coming from companies announcing their results -- their inclusion in the various DJSI family of indexes or being recognized with the various other highly coveted recognitions  (such as the Gold Class, or Sector Leader recognitions, among others).  

This year the three largest additions to the DJSI World index are: Weekly Highlights September 10, 2015 Weekly Highlights September 10, 2015

There are legions of experts and scientists focusing on climate change, and discussing their views on the root causes (of polar caps melting at an alarming pace, oceans steadily warming and seas rising, serious droughts increasing, super storms, and more dire results of global warming).


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