7 Benefits of Hiring New Talent Over Experienced Pros


There was a Great article in Fast Company this week by Amit Chauhan that may spell hope for recent college graduates still seeking that first gig – and for companies looking for fresh ideas.

Change The World For A Day: "What Matters"?

World Merit Day 2014 sees global activist icon Malala Yousafzai headline a menu of truly inspirational speakers at the 'What Matters' conference.

What Skills are Needed for Tomorrow's IT Workforce?

Join the conversation on May 21 during the live 24-hour Global Tweet Chat starting at 6 a.m. ET.

The growth of people, process, data, and things on the Internet is transforming how we work. Tomorrow’s workforce must be technology-minded to help businesses take advantage of these increased connections.

Employers – what skills do you want future hires to have? 
Students – how are you preparing to succeed in tomorrow’s workforce?
Educators – how are you training and inspiring students to be IT-ready?

We want to hear from you! Make sure you use #TechTalent in your tweets to be part of the conversation.

Avista Employees Help the Community Share with Others


It’s part of our DNA...sharing our time, talent and treasure with those most in need in the communities Avista serves. This year is no exception.

Video: Autism at Work

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Innovation comes from the edges. That's why SAP plans to recruit hundreds of people with autism, making use of their unique talent for information technology. At SAP Labs India, six people with autism have already been hired.

View video on SAP recruiting people with Autism >>

Beyond the Apron goes Behind the Music

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Beyond the Apron Goes Behind the Music

Jarrett Mitchell, who everyone knows as Jay, is a Merchandising Execution Manager (MEM) for District 120 in Nashville, TN, and an undiscovered talent in The Home Depot’s sea of orange. In his spare time, he does Hip Hop.  According to him, he sings as a form of artistic expression and a therapeutic release – it gives him an outlet. He says he loves it and we think you will, too.

How Do You Keep Your (Young) Top Talent?

By Sodexo guest blogger Randy Emelo

A recent study published in The Harvard Business Review estimates that the average young, talented worker only stays at the same job for 28 months before moving on to another company. The same report stated that nearly three-quarters of a company’s young high-achieving employees are actively looking for other opportunities outside of their company, and are interviewing with another company at least once a year.

Give Me 5 Minutes & I'll Tell You How To Give Your Employees What They Want


“Work is simply something to be endured.”  Right?  BIZZZT – wrong! 
The average American spends 9 hours, 12 minutes, and 36 seconds ‘Working & Commuting’ on an average workday (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics).  So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that people want their work – that thing to which they dedicate so many of their waking hours – to mean something.  They want to make an impact on the causes they care about and work for employers who are equally as committed.

Deloitte: Future Leaders Say Business Must Encourage Innovation for Growth, to Retain Talent, and Positively Impact Society

While Millennials value innovation in an employer, only 26 percent of those surveyed believe their current organization’s leaders encourage practices that foster innovation

 View the Deloitte Millenial Survey results, visit: www.deloitte.com/millennialsurvey

Press Release

 View the Deloitte Millenial Survey results, visit: www.deloitte.com/millennialsurvey


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