Allstate #theysay: Luis, 13

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Teen volunteer Luis, 13, overcomes the stereotype that teens are always on their phones and too busy by connecting with his friends to initiate a food drive at his school, proving that the “smallest thing could make the biggest difference.” Listen to Luis share his story: https://youtu.be/pLDHCRlNq0E

Youth Speak Out Against Stereotypes #TheySay

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They say we’re a lot of things we’re not.

Today's generation of problem solvers and action takers are making it their mission to change the world. Their way. So forget the labels.

Doing good starts young. Whether you’re putting a dent in world hunger, tackling a community issue, or simply standing up for what’s right, let’s hear about it. Share your story with #theysay.

Allstate #theysay at We Day Illinois: Nancy, 16

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Allstate Teen Reporter, Nancy, 16, spoke with We Day Illinois attendees about their experience at the youth empowerment event. She asked participating teens how they give back and prove that what #theysay isn’t always true.
Youth across the country can share their own stories about the things they do to change the world with #theysay, and they can read other stories about youth on a mission to make a difference at Theysayproject.com.
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