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Kimberly-Clark Receives Two Ethical Corporation Impact Awards


Kimberly-Clark social impact programs, With You She Can and Toilets Change Lives, were recognized as industry leaders at the 2019 Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Awards. The programs received the Community Impact and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Impact awards.

Kimberly-Clark Asks You to Pause When You Flush This World Toilet Day

by Rishi Dhingra, Kimberly-Clark Global Sector Leader for Family Care

Globally, 1 in 3 people don’t have access to a clean and safe toilet according to the World Health Organization. This Sunday, on World Toilet Day, we are encouraging people to pause while they flush and consider how the lack of basic sanitation facilities profoundly affects peoples’ lives.

Kimberly-Clark’s HAKLE Brand Changes Lives in Angola and South Africa


HAKLE, the leading tissue brand in Switzerland, has joined forces with the world’s leading children’s organization, UNICEF, to transform the lives of children and their families in Angola and South Africa.

Slow Progress in India's Toilet Mission


"School sanitation is very critical to Swachh Bharat (Clean India) for many reasons," Mr Parameswaran Iyer, Secretary of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Ministry, told The Straits Times. "We want to make sure kids practise safe hygiene and use toilets. Apart from that, they influence their parents. They are the change agents."

He added that private corporations are contributing in different ways. "Many are also working on their own or working directly with state governments," he said.

#bañoscambianvidas Scottex® y UNICEF ayudan a más de 1 millón de niños

Multimedia with summary

Through our Toilets Change Lives program, our Scott brand in Spain and UNICEF have teamed up to tackle the issue facing 1 in 3 people worldwide – lack of sanitary toileting facilities.

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Toilets Change Lives Expands to India

​Program focuses on restoring dysfunctional school toilets for the hygiene, safety and dignity of children.

Naina aged 13, no longer has to wait for 8 hours to reach home before she can use a clean, safe toilet and does not miss school during her periods any more. Bhaskar, having stumbled over broken tiles and pot holes would shamefully resort to using the shrubs outside his school. Not anymore, because his school toilet is now repaired and well lit-up.

Kimberly-Clark Ties up with Charities Aid Foundation on Sanitation Drive

Called ‘Toilets Change Lives’, the initiative is a part of the company’s global sanitation drive

New Delhi: Multi-billion dollar personal care products firm Kimberly-Clark is hoping to change the approach and impact of private sector initiatives in the sanitation space. Instead of building toilets, it has taken up refurbishing and rebuilding work on existing not-in-use toilets.

The initiative, in partnership with not-for-profit Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India, was launched on 28 April at a primary school in the Chandanhola area of Delhi.

Toilets Change Lives – Lending a Hand to Social Venture in India

Social enterprise receives expert advice from volunteers to improve access to sanitation in rural Indian state

As part of Kimberly-Clark’s commitment to improving sanitation worldwide, the company’s Toilets Change Lives (TCL) program has created new opportunities for employee volunteers to directly engage with the global sanitation crisis.

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