VMware Global Impact Report: Annual Progress Update


VMware has a reputation for tackling big challenges boldly. Nowhere is this more evident than in our journey to leave ahead a better future, particularly when it comes to the environment and society. In 2016, we presented our first ever Global Impact Report, “Force for Good,” which details 15 ambitious aspirations and goals we have set out to reach by 2020.

Digitally Transforming a Rural U.S. School District Pro Bono


“Rural school districts in the U.S. struggle to deliver the same educational experiences provided by their larger suburban and urban peers…Technology…holds great promise for rural communities working to improve outcomes for students and leverage their existing resources toward even greater impact.”1

Fueling Future Generations with VMware


VMware technologies bring inspiring, engaging and equitable educational experiences to students throughout the country and globe. They do so by empowering school districts to break down barriers and build stronger, smarter connections that both streamline and invigorate learning.

VMware Steps Closer to 100% Renewables with EMEA and US

By Nicola Acutt, Vice President of Sustainability Strategy, VMware

VMware is proud to join the growing number of companies committing to 100% renewable energy. We believe that meeting the challenges of global climate change requires speed, ambition and innovation — attributes that are embedded in our DNA. As such, we are actively working to build a price for GHG emissions into our business and achieve 100% renewable energy by 2020.

Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage (Imperative!)

Nicola Acutt, Vice President Sustainability Strategy, VMware

VMworld US is just days away, and there is a new track that you need to check out: Emerging Technologies and Trends! With a focus on how your business can best navigate this era of digital transforma

The Digital Workspace: A Platform for Engagement


The metrics are clear: employee engagement is the key to success in the workplace of the future. And a digital workspace focused on the needs of employees is the platform that will drive that employee engagement.

Prioritizing the Employee Experience
With so much at stake for an organization’s success, and with the data validating the value of improving employee engagement, enterprises are starting to prioritize the needs of their employee experience. Inevitably, that strategy leads to IT.

Corporate Pro Bono Is Evolving - Are You? | Taproot Foundation's Advisory Services Summer Newsletter

In this issue: MetLife & Lean Management; Adobe & Human Centered Design; VMware Foundation & Tech

When Taproot got its start as an organization in 2001, we used to say "Pro bono isn't just for lawyers."  We were determined to prove that we could power the nonprofit sector with other forms of corporate expertise, like pro bono marketing, strategy, finance, design, and HR. 

CRN Top 100 Executives of 2017: VMware CEO Ranks No. 7 on Top 25 Most Influential Executives List


We are proud to announce that VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger has been named to CRN’s list of the Top 100 Executives Of 2017; Pat is No. 7 on the Top 25 Most Influential Executives list.

VMware CodeHouse 2017 Inspires Female Coders


VMware’s Palo Alto campus recently became home to ambitious young female engineers at CodeHouse – a three-day workshop teaching college women to make an impact and tackle technical challenges.

The event, which took place from July 19th – 22nd, aimed to bring to light the issue of diversity in the workplace and spur more women’s interest upon entering the technology field upon graduation.

Sourcing Renewable Energy for Your Business: Worth its Weight in Gold/Green

By Rosie Helson, Natural Capital Partners

An increasing number of companies are making public commitments to power their operations with renewable energy, but convincing senior management that the investment is worth it can still be a difficult task. Evidence of improvements to ESG ratings and reputation make the task easier.


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