LifeGuides® Launches 10,000 Families With Four Points Inc. Scaling to 70,000 Families in 3-Years

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NEW ORLEANS, June 15, 2022 /3BL Media/ - At the 2022 Society of HR Managers (SHRM) annual conference in New Orleans, LifeGuides® announced a 3-year strategic partnership with Four Points, Inc., which is a national pre-tax voluntary benefits plan provider. This partnership requires the LifeGuides services to be built-into 100% of Four Points offerings of Wellness & Wellbeing digital portals for their enterprise clients.

6 Ways to Help Employees Cope With Family Stress (Without Meddling)

Principal® Mental Health and Well-Being Series

Personal demands and routines in many cases have become only more complicated for employees—or have been completely upended. Here’s how you can stay aware of your employees’ work-life balance needs and do your best to support them with all the types of family stress.

1. Enable flexible schedules.

4 Ways to Ease Employee Stress Over World Events

Principal® Mental Health and Well-Being Series

World events can make us feel like life is spinning out of control. Relaying solid facts, staying calm, and putting major issues in context for your business can help employees better handle stress in the workplace.

Effective crisis communication can reassure employees who are barraged daily by a dizzying array of international news, public health emergencies, and political debate.

1. Amplify valid sources of news and information.

Wellness Tips for Cancer Patients

Multimedia with summary

The cancer experience can be highly emotional. However, prioritizing self-care may help cancer patients cope throughout their journeys. During National Wellness Month, check out these tips to make self-care a priority both during and after treatment.

LifeGuides® Appoints David Hester, Ph.D, LMHC, As Senior Director, Guides Community

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TEMPE, Ariz., August 17, 2021 /3BL Media/ -- LifeGuides® is excited to announce David Hester, PhD, has joined the team in the integral role of Senior Director, Guides Community. LifeGuides® offers a community of trained and certified Guides, who provide guidance in 400+ categories of Personal Growth, Lifelong Learning, or Life Challenges. LifeGuides® is offered by leading employers, as either an HR, or L&D benefit.

The Second Wave of Sustainability Is Health and Well-Being


by Sam Adams, CEO and co-founder of Vert Asset Management

For health and wellbeing in buildings, a wellness certification for a building was a luxury a year ago. Now some consider it a must have, and a way to encourage workers back to the office.

The Time Is Now to Make Mental Health an EHS Priority


Despite this being a year that will go down as memorable for all of the wrong reasons, 2020 will also be remembered as a time where we stepped up to take care of one another.

In the face of the pandemic and national unrest, organizations have begun to place a greater emphasis on the mental health of their employees. After all, no matter the size, industry or scale, a company’s people are its most vital assets.

SC Johnson doa repelentes de mosquitos para ajudar famílias em risco na América latina

Doações de produtos e suporte educacional apoiam os esforços de prevenção da dengue
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RACINE, Wis., 7 de maio de 2020 /3BL Media/— A SC Johnson anunciou, hoje, a doação de 125.000 unidades de repelentes pessoais e inseticidas para beneficiar famílias na Argentina, no Brasil e no Paraguai. A iniciativa aconteceu devido ao aumento no número de casos de dengue nesses países nos últimos meses.

SC Johnson dona repelentes de mosquitos para ayudar a las familias en riesgo en América Latina

Donaciones de productos y apoyo educativo sobre mosquitos representan los esfuerzos de prevención de la compañía contra el dengue
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RACINE, Wis., 7 de mayo de 2020 /3BL Media/– Hoy, SC Johnson anunció que ha donado 125.000 unidades de repelentes de insectos e insecticidas para beneficiar a familias en Argentina, Brasil y Paraguay. Las donaciones se producen en un contexto en que los países están experimentando un aumento en el número de casos de dengue en los últimos meses.

SC Johnson Donates Mosquito Repellents to Help At-Risk Families in Latin America

Product Donations and Mosquito Education Support Dengue Prevention Efforts
Press Release

RACINE, Wis., May 7, 2020 /3BL Media/— Today, SC Johnson announced it has donated 125,000 units of personal insect repellent and insecticides to benefit families in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The donations come as the countries have seen an increase in the number of dengue cases in recent months.


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