Women Empowerment Leaders

Human Capital Management: Holistically Bringing Together Human Rights, DEI, and Health and Safety

Q&A with Esther Hackett, Vice President of Human Resources at Gildan

With the recent launch of Gildan’s Next Generation ESG strategy and future targets, we wanted to sit down with a member of Gildan’s leadership team on one of the Company's most important areas of focus – respect for people.

7 Women Reveal How Their Company's Programs Left Them Feeling Empowered

Seven women embrace the power of impact by sharing their experiences participating in leadership and development initiatives at Gildan

Women Empowerment Leaders Challenge Men to Join Their Cause

In new “Business In Society” interviews, women leaders project a win-win business rationale
Press Release

New York, NY, March 20, 2014 /3BL Media/ -  In interviews on the “Business In Society” program to be aired on Direct TV Saturday at 11 AM EDT (channel 222) Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter, President of The New America Foundation and Ms. Barbara Krumsiek, CEO, Calvert Investments, project a tipping point for women’s empowerment -- if more men can adjust and commit to it.

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