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Gina-Marie Cheeseman
Gina-Marie Cheeseman is a central California-based journalist who writes about sustainability, environmental issues, and healthy living. With a degree in journalism and a passion for social responsibility, she writes for a number of online publications. She believes that collaboration between the public and private sectors can help solve many problems facing the planet and its people. named Cheeseman as one of the “75 Environmentalists to Follow on Twitter.” Twitter: @gmcheeseman - See more at:

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5 years 4 months ago

Getting packages and documents delivered on time creates a big environmental footprint, but FedEx wants to change that. The company avoided over two million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) with fuel and energy saving initiatives. That amount of CO2e is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by over 1.9 million acres of U.S. forest in a year.

Other accomplishments to decrease its environmental footprint are mentioned in FedEx’s 2017 Global Citizenship report. That includes decreasing GHG emissions intensity of its business by 5.7 percent while increasing revenue. Another accomplishment is saving over 43...

5 years 4 months ago

Water is a precious resource, as anyone who has lived through a drought can tell you. HanesBrands is a company that grasps the importance of water management.

HanesBrands earned an above average score for water management for the CDP 2016 Climate Change Report. The company’s score was higher than both the apparel industry and S&P averages in context, governance and strategy, direct risks and response and indirect risks and response. Since 2007, the company has reduced its water use by 31 percent, and has a goal of reducing water use by 50 percent by 2020.

Both water conservation and wastewater treatment are key parts of...

5 years 5 months ago

The Promise launched in theaters worldwide on April 21, starring Christian Bale. Set during the Armenian genocide in 1915, Bale plays a reporter who covers the genocide. 

The movie is one that has controversy surrounding it. Although the Armenian genocide is considered by historical scholars to be the first genocide of the 20th century, Turkey still denies it was a genocide. 
The Armenian genocide officially began on April 24, 1915 when a couple hundred Armenian leaders and intellectuals were arrested. Most of them were murdered later. Soon after, the Turkish government began deporting Armenians to the Syrian desert on what is called the “...

5 years 5 months ago

(3BL/JustMeans) At a time when the U.S. government is backtracking on climate change action, some companies are committed to reducing its carbon emissions. Among them is Dutch beer brewer Heineken. 

Heineken set a goal to reduce its carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2020 in all of its global business operations in over 70 countries. To achieve that goal, the company set targets that include:

Decreasing emissions in production by 40 percent 
Decreasing emissions from its refrigerators by 50 percent
Decreasing emissions from distribution in Europe and the Americas by 20 percent

Heineken has been making progress on its 2020 goals...

5 years 5 months ago

Sustainable business models have a major role to play in economic growth. They could unlock economic opportunities worth up to $12 trillion and increase employment by up to 380 million jobs by 2030, as a report by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC) reveals. 

There are four areas where the economic opportunities can be unlocked: energy, cities, food and agriculture, and health and well being.The key is for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), 17 goals developed by the UN, to be the benchmark of global economic strategy. In January 2016, the SDGs came into effect, covering areas such as climate change, economic inequality,...

5 years 5 months ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Mars and Nestlé recently announced that they will take steps to ensure their pet food supply chains are free of illegally caught seafood and human rights abuses. Nestlé is committed to a full ban on transshipment at sea in its supply chains. Mars committed to suspending the use of transshipped products in its supply chains if its suppliers do not address the illegal fishing and human rights issues. Nestlé and Mars are the largest pet food companies in the world. 

Transshipment is a way that companies move fish from one boat to another. It allows them to remain at sea for longer periods to catch illegal seafood,...

5 years 7 months ago

President Trump has made it clear that environmental issues, including climate change, are not important to his administration. He appointed the CEO of ExxonMobil as the Secretary of State  and a man who sued the EPA 14 times to head the agency. Climate change is an environmental issue that Trump has repeatedly said he does not even believe occurs. However, many businesses not only believe in climate change but are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

When the government fails, business can succeed. And when it comes to climate change, many businesses are taking action. Back in August, companies and...

5 years 7 months ago

Mountain Rose Herbs has achieved a Zero Waste Facility Certification from Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). It is the first Oregon-based company to received certification, scoring Platinum status, the highest level of certification. Companies awarded zero waste certification have to divert at least 90 percent of all non-hazardous waste from landfills and incineration.

A company that offers organic herbs and spices, Mountain Rose adopted a zero waste policy in 2007. Back then, the company would empty a dumpster about four to five times monthly, but after launching the zero waste policy, it empties the same dumpster once a...

5 years 7 months ago

The day after President Trump signed an executive order that drastically alters immigration, people across the US went to airports to protest it. Some companies are also not thrilled with Trump’s executive order. 

Starbucks has taken the strongest stance against the executive order. Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz stated in a letter that the company is “developing plans” to hire 10,000 refugees over a five-year period in the 75 countries where it does business. It will begin in the US by focusing on hiring people who served as interpreters and support personnel with US troops. Schultz also declared in the letter that Starbucks will “stand by, nor...

5 years 7 months ago

Las Vegas is a place where water is scarce.‭ ‬The city has an annual average rainfall of‭ ‬just‭ ‬4.2‭ ‬inches.‭ ‬Conserving every drop of water possible is important in such an arid place.‭ ‬MGM Resorts International is a company that clearly understands this practice.‭ 

Headquartered in Las Vegas,‭ ‬MGM Resorts has focused on water conservation since‭ ‬2005.‭ ‬Part of MGM Resort’s water conservation efforts are focused on water used outdoors.‭ ‬The Park,‭ ‬the company’s recent addition to the Las Vegas Strip,‭ ‬has a water-efficient landscape.‭ ‬A well provides most of The Park’s water,‭ ‬while a closed-loop system captures,‭ ‬filters and...