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Reynard Loki
Reynard Loki covers sustainability, sustainable finance and social innovation. He has written consumer-oriented features, exclusive interviews with CEOs, scholars and social entrepreneurs, and editorials across a wide array of environment- and sustainability-related topics. He is also a co-founder of MomenTech, an experimental production studio based in New York and Prague, whose projects have been presented around the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, South Africa, China and the Philippines. Reynard is also the Environment Editor at and a contributing author to "Biomes and Ecosystems: An Encyclopedia" (Salem Press, 2013), a reference encyclopedia that illustrates the biology, geography, history and ecological importance of the world’s various biomes and ecosystems. He is a member of Farm Sanctuary, Sea Shepherd, Global Ethics Network and New York Pigeon Rescue Central.
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9 years 6 months ago

African entrepreneurs are struggling to get funding. Impact investors, stop checking your Facebook page and listen up

If you're thinking about purchasing stock in Facebook, Walter Lamberson has something to say to you: "Facebook doesn't need your money, invest in Africa instead."

That's the title of his excellent article published today on

Lamberson is a partner at...

9 years 6 months ago

The sun produces enough energy in one second to fuel our current needs for 500,000 years. So why don't you have a solar system on your roof?

No toxic by-products. No pollution. No threats to the environment. Quiet production. Solar energy is one of the cleanest ways to produce energy. And it would take up just 0.3 percent of the world's land area to supply all of our energy needs.

The sun is not only the world's most abundant source of energy by a long shot, it will be around long after humankind is gone. So why does the solar energy industry have such a...

9 years 6 months ago

In the run-up to Rio+20, more finance sector CEOs have made a commitment to support the preservation of ecosystem services

The concept of "ecosystem services"—that humans benefit from the products that nature provides—is an ancient one. Even Plato realized the connection:

"What now remains of the formerly rich land is like the skeleton of a sick man with all the fat and soft earth having wasted away and...

9 years 6 months ago

The Danish healthcare firm continues its march to sustainability, collecting another honor along the way

Justmeans hosted the 2012 Social Innovation Awards, which were held on April 25 in Boston in conjunction with the 2012 Ceres Conference: Igniting Innovation, Scaling Sustainability. The conference was marked by release of a new Ceres/Sustainalytics report that evaluated the sustainability performance of 600 leading American...

9 years 6 months ago

With Rio+20 around the corner, the leading international development corruption monitoring group warns of failure if mechanisms for climate financing transparency are not put into place

According to the United Nations' 2011 World Economic and Social Survey, an "incremental green investment of about 3 percent of world gross product (WGP) (about $1.9 trillion in 2010) would be required to overcome poverty, increase food production to...

9 years 6 months ago

"This is a very impressive list of nominees, combining institutions we know well from previous years with new names that are beginning to make a mark in this important field." -- Martin Dickson, Deputy Editor, Financial Times, and Co-chair of Sustainable Finance Awards judging panel

The Financial Times and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the World Bank's private sector arm, have announced the shortlist for the 2012 FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Awards. Currently in its seventh year, the program constitutes the world's preeminent...

9 years 6 months ago

A Socialist in the Élysée Palace. What does that mean for sustainable finance?

In defeating Nicholas Sarkozy in the French presidential election, Francois Hollande has become the first left-wing president since Francois Mitterrand left office in 1995. Proponents of sustainable finance should be saying, "Très bien!"

Hollande has made some commitments that have pleased the Green Party members as well as the renewable energy sector. For one, he promised that, if elected, he would "preserve the independence of France by diversifying our...

9 years 6 months ago

The technocratic leader looks at the dangerous concentration of power across Italian financial institutions and says, "Finito!"

When Mario Monti took over as prime minister of Italy in November 2011, replacing the multibillionaire business tycoon Silvio Berlusconi, many were happy to finally see the back of "Il Cavaliere" (who was engulfed in a sex scandal at the time).

Still, many were...

9 years 7 months ago

"This is a great moment to look at where we stand in the world in the pursuit of economic growth and prosperity that is broadly inclusive and sustainable." -- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

On April 26, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton convened some 250 investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, academics, business executives and policymakers in Washington, DC, for the first-ever Global Impact Economy Forum. The main topic on the agenda was how private...

9 years 7 months ago

"Connecting the dots between the challenges of water, food, and energy security lies at the heart of sustainable development—and Rio+20 will be a generational opportunity for us to turn ideas into action—globally and especially in Asia and the Pacific." -- Dr. Noeleen Heyzer, United Nations{1}

The top UN Asia-Pacific official urged policymakers in the region to create a new "energy compact" to ensure the achievement of both economic growth and sustainable development.

Dr. Noeleen Heyzer, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Secretary...