RP Siegel

RP Siegel
RP Siegel, author and inventor, shines a powerful light on numerous environmental and technological topics. He has been published in business and technical journals and has written three books. His third, co-authored with Roger Saillant, is Vapor Trails, an eco-thriller that is being adapted for the big screen. RP is a professional engineer – and a prolific inventor, with 50 patents, numerous awards, and several commercial products. He is president of Rain Mountain LLC and is an active environmental advocate in his hometown of Rochester, N.Y. In addition to Justmeans, he writes for Triple Pundit, ThomasNet News, and Energy Viewpoints, occasionally contributing to Mechanical Engineering, Strategy + Business, and Huffington Post. You can follow RP on Twitter, @RPSiegel.
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4 years 10 months ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) — Building on the questions raised at last week’s US Power & Renewables Summit, a new report just released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Eaton, and the Renewable Energy Association, describes similar challenges in Europe. Speaking of a “tipping point,” in which renewables account for over half of total generation, which could happen in the UK...

4 years 10 months ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) — Looking forward, the dynamics of today’s electricity industry look a lot like the auto industry. You have your traditional players, who have been doing this for a long time, being challenged by tech-enabled upstarts coming out of an entirely different sector, with offerings that are quite compelling. The Tesla-EV parallel cannot be denied.

However, the two markets are almost entirely different. While cars and trucks are sold in a relatively free market where vehicles compete primarily on their merits, though there are some government incentives aimed at encouraging more sales of certain vehicles, the energy...

4 years 10 months ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) — From the standpoint of utilities, renewables are the new kids on the block, that they knew very little about until they moved in. The same can be said of many renewable providers.

There was a lot of discussion at the GTM: US Renewables & Power Summit in Austin this week, about what exactly makes for good neighbors in this economic neighborhood. Numerous analysts from GTM Research, their parent company Wood Mackenzie and their affiliate MAKE, offered their thoughts on a range of issues including Shayle Kann, Dan Shreve, Scott Clavenna, and MJ Shiao, along with a...

4 years 10 months ago
(3BL Media/Justmeans) —“Renewables and power markets are on a collision course.” So said Prajit Ghosh, head of Americas Power and Renewables Research at Wood Mackenzie in kicking off the GTM: U.S. Power & Renewables Summit in Austin, Texas this week.

Indeed, as one listened to one panel of experts after another, it was abundantly clear, that this upstart. renewable energy industry had never figured in the plans of the traditional utility industry, which had been humming merrily along for decades with little idea of the...

4 years 11 months ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) — It’s a great example of how regulation can lead to innovation. When the UK government took the surprising move of first ending subsides for onshore wind and then banning new development outright, it raised howls of protest from environmental groups, among others, as a step backwards in the march to a clean energy future.

Few could have anticipated that, only a short time later, the UK would...

4 years 11 months ago

There’s a lot we don’t know about what EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is up to these days, as he recently spent $25,000 of taxpayer money to have a “cone of silence” placed around his desk. We don’t know exactly what he’s saying, but it’s not hard to guess. Especially since a freedom of information request revealed who he is whispering to--fossil fuel executives, on a regular basis. Whispering assurances, no doubt, that won’t have to wait much longer to resume polluting as much as they want. Scott Pruitt’s EPA certainly won’t do anything...

4 years 12 months ago

You might be surprised to learn that renewable energy growth in emerging economies could soon outstrip the gains made in the developed world. According to Moody’s, emerging economies’ share of the total installed wind and solar capacity is expected to reach 51 percent and 52 percent respectively next year. How...

5 years 1 week ago

(3BL Media) — The carpet industry has traditionally been a large source of emissions. First, most of the fibers used, such as nylon are derived from fossil fuels. Second, when carpets are uninstalled they typically end up in the landfill by the ton, four million tons, to be precise, which represents roughly 2% of all landfill waste.

Efforts to recycle the nylon in carpeting have been underway for some time, with many recyclers using heat to melt down the...

5 years 1 month ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) — Last week, ECOHZ, the Oslo-based renewable energy advocacy and certification organization, committed to changing energy behavior, reported a “staggering increase” in the growth of European renewable power generation.

Based on data from the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB), an organization that guarantees the origin of European power, the group reported a second quarter surge of 39% in demand for renewable power. “The...

5 years 1 month ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) — Man’s first use of wind technology goes back some 5,000 years when wind-powered boats were first seen on the Nile. For centuries wind-driven ships plowed the waves, as some still do. In time, wind was put to work pumping water and grinding grain. The Dutch refined this technology in the 15th Century, using it to drain lakes and reclaim land that had eroded into the ocean, creating polders,...