Poop to Plastic? How what's in your dumpster is suddenly a resource.

Jan 5, 2011 11:47 AM ET

If you missed PopTech this year, you may not have heard. But waste is now a resource. If PopTech Fellow Ryan Smith can turn sewage sludge into plastic, Brooke Farrell (RecycleMatch Co-founder and PopTech Fellow) is pretty sure she can handle what's in your company's dumpster. RecycleMatch is creating markets for all kinds of things we once considered trash. Dubbed the eBay of Trash, RecycleMatch is connecting those who have waste with those who need it. Opening markets, lowering costs, and accelerating green innovation.

Watch the video here.....www.recyclematch.com/RecycleMatch-%20at-PopTech-2010

Make waste a resource at RecycleMatch. Buy, sell or give your waste and recyclables at www.recyclematch.com