Reinventing Corporate Giving (And Why You Need To!)

How To Take Cause Marketing, CSR, Community Investment and Workplace Giving from "Feel Good" to "Real Good"
Nov 29, 2011 12:00 PM ET

People care more than ever about giving back and have greater expectations of companies to help them support causes they care about as part of customer and employee exeriences.   Companies picking up on the importance of connecting with people around causes have fueled huge growth in cause marketing, community investment and workplace giving programs.  But the status quo of traditional social good initiatives won't cut it anymore : people want and expect more meaningful ways to be actively involved in giving back.  They expect companies are to weave social responsibility, sustainability and community investment into the fabric and culture of what they do.  Inspiration is hugely powerful tool:  the companies that help inspire people by enabling them to give back as part of customer/employee experiences can create truly sustainable relationships with their customers and employees.

Find out how to reinvent corporate giving to Do More Good (for the world and your business).