Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative Reports Progress

There's progress, but much remains to be done. That was the message from the Global Dialogue, the fourth such meeting hosted by the Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative, at the World Investment Forum, sponsored by the UN Conference on Trade and Development. Sixteen partner exchanges and six guest exchanges attended to address the sustainability-related opportunities and challenges facing capital markets. The SSE 2014 Report on Progress, a review of sustainability initiatives at 55 exchanges, was introduced and discussed at the meeting. It records substantial progress, increasing engagements, and an emerging set of best practices among exchanges to promote sustainability reporting and sustainable business practices. The SSE Investor Working Group is an association of managers representing $1.8 trillion in assets. The bottom line of this "integrated" reporting? Sustainability is clearly trending upward as a major investment factor. This is good news for good business.
John Howell, Editorial Director

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