The Business Case for Renewable Energy: a Cost-Benefits Analysis

The debate in the renewable energy sector re. cost vs. benefits has taken an unforeseen turn. As part of the U.K.’s national discussion about its membership in the E.U., Business for Britain claims that EU rules mandating the use of renewable energy may have cost Britain up to $156.5 billion dollars. It’s a fact that European businesses now pay twice as much for electricity than companies in the U.S., according to Bloomberg. While both the U.K. and EU are already working toward getting 20 percent of their energy from renewables by 2020, the EC has recently proposed a new energy and climate strategy by which member nations will increase energy savings by 30 percent by 2030, reduce greenhouse gases by 40 percent, and increase the amount of renewable energy consumption to 27 percent. The sticking  point? A projected high cost. Unless benefits show up better at the bottom line, the U.K. could balk at continued participation in the ambitious effort to grow renewables.

John Howell, Editorial Director

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(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Sustainability has emerged as a significant challenge, consideringthe global population explosion, rapid economic growth and consumption of exhaustible natural resources. Innovative solutions, tools and practices need to be put in place to address the potential social, environmental and economic impact of an advancing civilization.

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(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Eminent personalities from the world of sports and entertainment often use their celebrity status to support social and charitable causes. Spreading awareness and fundraising for cancer is among the key causes that have received strong support from celebrities over the years.

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(3BL Media/Justmeans) – America’s love for pizza knows no bounds. 93 percent of Americans eat pizza at least once a month. Out of total five billion pizzas consumed worldwide each year, the US alone consumes three billion. Across the US, around 70,000 pizzerias are in operation, and the average pizzeria uses 55 pizza boxes per day. That translates to about 1.4 billion pizza boxes used in the country each year.

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image c/o Genesis Global Network(3BL Media and Just Means) - I get the sense that when it comes down to it, they are a group of no bull, get it done, hardliners, albeit their charming accents might suggest otherwise. Don’t be fooled.  Sustainability isn’t fluffy, and neither is a newly formed alliance of the world’s leading sustainability consultancies, Transition500. They call it radicalism.

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(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The global airlines industry released 705 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in 2013. This represents 12 percent of all transportation emissions, demonstrating the scale of the environmental impact that the aviation sector is having. Boeing Co. has recognized the urgent need to develop alternative biofuels that will cut down the carbon emissions by 50 to 80 percent compared to conventional petroleum fuels, and make the sector more environmentally sustainable.

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(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Women have proven to be highly effective agents of change in working towards a healthy environment. Many organisations with women at the helm have contributed to setting a sustainable agenda through their advocacy and lobbying, creating solutions to unsustainable development, and making sure that other women’s voices are heard and their perspectives taken into account.