Employees Care About Ethics at Work

It has not escaped any well-attuned management these days that employees are overflowing with strong opinions, and lots of them, often on subjects that were traditionally frowned upon as talking points in the workplace. Those days are gone, writes Ian Heinig on The Manifest. “People want their work to have integrity...As the work-life barrier becomes more porous, employees seek jobs that help them feel ethically sound...Hence, a company’s social and environmental commitments are key drivers in employee recruitment, retention, and loyalty.” For those looking for data to support this anecdotal evidence, Heinig’s report, “How Do Employees Act When Faced with Unethical Company Behavior,” provides the numbers as to how much ethics matters in today’s work environment.

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Oct 20, 2010 10:00 PM ET

Want to know which business leader is reading Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? and who's reading The Iliad? See...

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Oct 20, 2010 5:05 PM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) NEW YORK - October 20, 2010 - On November 18 in New York, The Foundation for Social Change and United Nations Office for Partnerships (UNOP) will recognize Anvil Knitwear as a Top Leader of Change in the...

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Oct 20, 2010 4:00 PM ET

Listening to WNYC yesterday morning, Brian Lehrer was on discussing the prospect of Walmart selling...

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Oct 20, 2010 3:50 PM ET

By Bill Walsh, Executive Director

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh evaluated the environmental impacts of 12 different polymers, both petroleum and...

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Oct 20, 2010 3:00 PM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) October 20, 2010 - While many are wondering where all the Green jobs are, there is a groundswell of important opportunities for those who want to participate in the environmental revolution. It might help to...

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Oct 20, 2010 2:47 PM ET
Oct 20, 2010 2:32 PM ET

Generally, the surest way toward environmental and business sustainability is to engage an entire workforce from the top down.  While executive support is a critical key component of most success stories, it is not the only direction...

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Oct 20, 2010 2:00 PM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) PORTLAND  - October 20, 2010 - Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) will recognize three companies and one individual tonight for their role in building and shaping the market for renewable energy over the past year...

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