CNH Industrial Takes Over Leadership of AgGateway

Jan 26, 2021 4:00 PM ET

CNH Industrial N.V. has assumed leadership of AgGateway, a non-profit organization that seeks to solve the digital challenges of agriculture, by transforming data into value. The organization is working to standardize data “communication” between machines and equipment and digital platforms, thereby helping solve the challenges of digital agriculture in the world. Adriano Becker, Digital Product Marketing Specialist, South America, CNH Industrial, will hold the 2021 Chairmanship of the organization.

“Supporting AgGateway, through the leadership of Adriano and other company representatives, is a reflection of CNH Industrial’s commitment to promoting connectivity, data standardization and digital technologies, essential aspects for increasing efficiency in the field and the success of our customers,” said Vilmar Fistarol, General Manager, South America, CNH Industrial. “Our investments in innovation, including those focused on automation and servitization technologies, further contribute to reinforcing CNH Industrial’s relevance to the organization.”

AgGateway members develop standards and other resources so that companies can access information quickly and in a standardized manner, which generates cost savings through more efficient business processes, inventory and traceability management, interoperability in field operations and the ability to leverage data to increase business profitability and sustainability. In other words, regardless of their brand or model, machines, implements and solutions “speak the same language”.

This year Adriano Becker helped define the strategic plan for the organization's next five years and was elected Chairman by the organization’s Board of Directors as Chairman to assist in the plan’s implementation. “Being invited to represent CNH Industrial as the AgGateway Chairman is both an honor and an excellent opportunity to continue to closely monitor and contribute to the entire evolution of digital agriculture in Brazil and in the world,” said Adriano Bekker.

Beginning in 2021, AgGateway's new strategic plan is founded on three pillars: create, engage and grow. The entity is “creating” resources and relationships for digital connectivity. It will further “engage” the industry in developing new resources and ensure that companies are both aware of them and use them. And the "growth" will come as a result of the resources created and the commitment to implement and use them.

“Within its digitalization strategy, CNH Industrial seeks to develop solutions that, in addition to ease of operation, allow interoperability with other solutions that farmers already have or will acquire. Being an active member of AgGateway allows you to contribute to the definition of these industry standards and to implement them quickly as well as to be aligned evolving market technologies,” said Becker.

AgGateway has some 180 member companies that include machinery manufacturers, distributors, grain and feed companies, precision agriculture and software suppliers, among others.