Combating Climate Change By Transforming Waste Into Value

Aug 29, 2022 2:45 PM ET

By Roland Folz, Group Presidenti, Pentair Industrial Solutions

Global temperatures are on the rise and large portions of North America, Europe and South Asia experienced record-breaking heat waves this summer. The goal to limit global heating to under 1.5 degrees Celsius is pressing and requires ambitious actions and innovative solutions.

To avoid the most significant effects of climate change, experts say greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions must be halved before 2030 and net-zero emissions achieved before 2050. In response, more companies are committing to carbon neutral ambitions and are looking for innovative technologies and solutions to help achieve their goals. Carbon capture and utilization (CCU) and biogas upgrading are two such technologies that are helping pave the way for a carbon-neutral future.

In addition to its portfolio of leading water treatment solutions, Pentair provides carbon capture and biogas upgrading solutions to help its partners reach their environmental and GHG reduction goals. For a company built on innovations that help customers reduce their impact and increase value for the resources they use, Pentair’s offering of these solutions is not only essential to its ESG strategy, but also to its to its customers and the planet.

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