Emerging Tech Will Be Crucial in Reaching Net-Zero

Sep 20, 2021 3:00 PM ET

As countries and companies work to decarbonize in an effort to align with the Paris Agreement and limit global temperature rise, public conversation can take on an “electrify everything” theme. While electrification is helpful in making big strides toward decarbonization, covering the final stretch to net zero requires integration of various emerging technologies.

In an article published by Triple Pundit, Jason Rowell, associate vice president and technology portfolio manager for Black & Veatch, explains that technologies like long-duration storage, hydrogen, automation and smart grids, alternative fuels and carbon capture are the answer to complete decarbonization. Rowell also notes that the key to mainstreaming these technologies is to set regulatory incentives that can enable economies of scale.

“Electrification is a big part of the first mile,” Rowell told TriplePundit. “The last mile is defined by what you can’t do by electrifying, and by what you will have to do to add resilience and reliability to a generation mix that is heavily powered by renewable energy.” 

This article is the first in a series titled The Last Mile of Decarbonization, created by Triple Pundit in partnership with Black & Veatch. Over the next several months, the series will analyze some of the newest climate technologies and strategies that may potentially realize net-zero economies.