HEINEKEN recognised as one of the Best Global Green Brands

Jul 2, 2014 9:00 PM ET

Leading consultancy Interbrand has unveiled its list of Best Global Green Brands and HEINEKEN has made it to the top 50 for the first time.

Interbrand’s 4th annual Best Global Green Brands Report examines the gap that exists between a brand’s environmental performance and consumers’ perceptions of that performance. Three new brands joined the 2014 ranking, including Chevrolet (#32), Disney (#49), and HEINEKEN (#50). More than 3 years into our sustainable strategy, we have made great progress across four main areas of focus: water, CO2, sourcing and responsible consumption. Read more here.

The report mentions:

  • Our solar electricity plant with 3,632 solar panels in the Netherlands, sufficient to fuel the entire production process of the Wieckse Witte line of beers using only solar energy.

  • The introduction of our new, lighter Desperados bottle. 20% lighter than the previous version, the new bottle represents an annual decrease of 6,000 tonnes of glass and 5,000 tonnes of CO2.

  • Our 2013 specific water consumption figure of 4.1 hl/hl, down from 4.2 hl/hl in 2012. This is a 20% reduction compared with 2008, the baseline year.
  • HEINEKEN UK’s innovative draught-cooling solution SmartDispense that is more energy-efficient, saves water, delivers significant cost savings to bar owners, a better quality beer to consumers, and uses greener refrigerants, reducing the Global Warming Potential (GWP) below the industry standard.

Best Global Green Brands
When identifying the top 50 Best Global Green Brands each year, Interbrand starts with the 100 brands that make up its annual Best Global Brands report. Brands that appear on this annual ranking have a global presence and a demonstrated record of delivering value to their stakeholders. Interbrand then conducts extensive consumer research to capture public perception of the brands’ sustainable or green practices and compares that to environmental or sustainability performance data. Understanding the gap that exists between a company’s actual Corporate Citizenship practices and consumers’ awareness of those practices is vital to building brand value. Today, consumers hold the world’s leading brands to an extremely high standard and expect such brands to act responsibility. If consumers feel as though they’ve been misled, brands will suffer the consequences. For more information and Interbrand’s full media release, click here.

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