How Stonyfield Farm is Using SAP to Measure Its Carbon Footprint

Jan 16, 2013 9:00 AM ET

by Sustainable Business News
Published January 15, 2013

As part of everyday business operations, Stonyfield Farm now calculates the carbon footprint for just about every product it makes -- the only U.S. company to take such a big step.

So far, it has calculated the footprint of 150 of its 200 products, while French food giant Danone Group, its parent company, is doing the same for its 35,000 products.

What's impressive about the process is that it covers the entire life cycle of every product, from raw material extraction to disposal at the end of its life.

This is possible because of groundbreaking software developed by SAP that tracks the actual amount of greenhouse gases produced throughout a product's life in real time.

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