Kimberly-Clark on a Mission for Period Progress on Menstrual Hygiene Day

May 24, 2019 1:10 PM ET

Kimberly-Clark’s commitment to menstrual hygiene began nearly 100 years ago with the introduction of the world’s first disposable menstrual pads under the Kotex brand.

Over the past century, the Kotex brand promise has evolved from a quiet assurance of cleanliness to a bold belief that a period should never stand in the way of a woman’s progress. It’s a promise reflected in its commitment to innovative programs that address period poverty, defined as the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products, knowledge and basic sanitation that enable women to manage their periods with dignity.

Research conducted found that one in four women in the United States struggles to purchase period products due to lack of income. To bridge this gap, U by Kotex in 2018 helped found the Alliance for Period Supplies.

An extension of the National Diaper Bank Network, The Alliance for Period Supplies distributes free period supplies to 60 allied programs nationwide. Those partners include schools, shelters and other facilities serving low-income individuals and families.

Select retail partners are also teaming up with U by Kotex® throughout the year, linking purchases of U by Kotex® products to an additional donation to reach even more individuals in need. Purchases will spark a donation of two period products, up to 5,250,000 period products, to the Alliance for Period Supplies.

Around the world, Kimberly-Clark partners with organizations to improve basic sanitation in communities at risk, including Plan International USA, Water Aid and Water for People. Clean, secure public toilet facilities help women and girls manage their periods with dignity.

In Bolivia, where approximately one in two girls do not have a hygienic way to manage their period because of poor bathroom conditions, the company’s partnership with Plan International USA funded the construction of 27 new bathrooms in four schools over the past year while providing educational information to local communities about menstruation and menstrual hygiene.

Kimberly-Clark joined Plan International USA and Plan UK this week to discuss global menstrual hygiene challenges and the impact on girls through a #MenstrualHygieneChat hosted on Twitter. The full conversation can be found on the @PlanUSA and @PlanUK Twitter accounts.

Menstrual Hygiene Day is a global awareness program introduced by Wash United in 2014 to bring global attention to the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products, education and sanitation affecting millions of women and girls