Let’s Hear it For: 'The Boys'

#PlacesThatMatter - Marion, Ohio
Oct 4, 2019 8:00 AM ET

According to a study by the Institute of College Access and Success, 65 percent of college seniors in the U.S. who graduated from public and private nonprofit colleges have student loan debt, with borrowers owing an average of $28,650. Yet, despite this continuously growing problem debt issue, for years, parents, teachers and school counselors have told young students “you have to go to college if you want to have a career.”

That philosophy is starting to change, however, with careers in skilled trades and manufacturing proving to be a viable and attractive alternative to a college education. A case in point is the RAMTEC facility in Marion, Ohio, which teaches skills in robotics and engineering to high school students, who then take this experience and turn it into real jobs at manufacturing facilities like Whirlpool Corporation’s Marion Operations.