Medtronic Releases First Annual Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Report

Report highlights 100% gender pay equity in the U.S. and 99% pay equity for its 90,000+ global employees.
Jan 15, 2020 3:55 PM ET

An inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace is critical for the success of any company. At Medtronic, this value is rooted in the Medtronic Mission, directing our global company since 1960 to recognize the personal worth of all employees.

To highlight our commitment to transparency and accountability, Medtronic released its first annual inclusion and diversity report to the public. The 2019 Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Report illustrates steps the company is taking to achieve a 2020 target of 40% or more women in global management positions, with an ultimate aspiration of reaching 50% or more globally, and 20% or more ethnically diverse talent in U.S. management positions.

Among the report’s highlights: Medtronic has achieved 100% gender pay equity in several countries — including the United States  —  and 99% gender pay equity globally.

“Ensuring we have an inclusive and equitable work environment that encourages diversity of thought is essential to our purpose,” says Carol Surface, chief human resources officer at Medtronic. “Bringing diverse perspectives, experiences, and voices together leads to better decisions and ultimately better business results. For us, this translates to meaningful innovation that improves patient outcomes.”

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