Tetra Pak and CHI Join Hands to Fight Child Malnutrition

Jul 23, 2015 12:00 PM ET

Tetra Pak West Africa and its customer CHI Limited, one of Nigeria's most respected companies and leading JNSD, LDP and snacks producer, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore appropriate food and beverage opportunities to fight child malnutrition in Nigeria. The MoU was signed during Dennis Jönsson's recent visit to West Africa. 

"Child nutrition is important to our country's future and being a proud Nigerian company, we are committed to putting in our best to build a healthy and brighter Nigeria," remarked C. G. Vink, Chairman of Chi Limited.

"Tetra Pak has partnered with governments, customers and other public and private partners to support school feeding programmes around the world for more than 50 years, promoting children's right to nutrition, health and education as well as helping to build the demand for locally produced and processed products.  We are happy to have formed a strong partnership with Chi in Nigeria," remarked Dennis Jönsson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tetra Pak on this occasion.

As part of efforts to alleviate malnutrition among the country's children, this joint initiative will develop practical solutions to offer healthy nourishment to the Nigerian children. Both companies will undertake in-depth assessment of the ground realities of the nutritional requirements to Nigerian children. This partnership will provide a platform to major stakeholders including institutes, governmental and non-governmental organizations to deliver sustainable nutrition solutions.

According to the 2013 Nigerian Demographic and Health Survey, up to 80% of Nigerian children suffer from nutritional deficiencies, particularly from Iron, Zinc and vitamins. This leads to slower brain development, concentration issues, a weak immune system and underdevelopment of memory, vision and hearing. Investments in education are significantly undermined if children are not nourished properly. 


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