The Cost of Conflict Minerals Compliance Discussed: Last Chance to Register for Conflict Minerals Post Filing Insights Webinar

October 15 @ 10 am PDT
Oct 14, 2014 11:35 AM ET

Join Source Intelligence on October 15th for an interview with Dr. Chris Bayer, principal investigator at Tulane University, and Nick Aster, founder of Triple Pundit, for a deeper understanding of the after effects of Dodd Frank 1502.

A broad range of conflict minerals post filing questions will be addressed as well as insights from a supplier’s perspective from last years filing results. Dr. Chris Bayer, the principal investigator for the Tulane University’s Conflict Minerals post-filing research, surveyed conflict minerals issuer companies to determine impact to industry. The webinar topic areas will range from industries impacted to the cost incurred by companies to comply with the law.

Reserve your place by tomorrow here.