Three Things All Business Leaders Should Know About Climate Action

by Aamir Paul, U.S. Country President, Schneider Electric.
Sep 9, 2021 3:30 PM ET

Climate change is first and foremost an energy challenge. Two statistics will show you what I mean. First, energy is responsible for . Second, in the U.S., , meaning it never makes its way to its intended use. It’s wasted.

Whether you believe these statistics reflect an opportunity or a crisis, or perhaps both, what matters most is that the world already has the technology to solve this energy challenge. It’s already possible to transform how energy is produced, distributed and used. Now we just need to do it — urgently and at scale.

Three Things To Know About Climate Action

As U.S. country president for Schneider Electric, I make the case for climate action to business leaders all the time. Here are the three key messages I share with them:

1. Target energy waste with existing technology.

Technology already exists to solve much of the energy challenge — even if it’s not yet fully scaled. Although much attention is paid to exciting new greenfield projects such as wind farms and electric vehicle charging sites, this infrastructure will take time to build out.

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