Trim Tab Magazine | How Business and Green Chemistry Can Change the Manufacturing Industry

Transformational People
Oct 20, 2015 5:15 PM ET

By Joanna Gangi

The sustainable products industry has garnered new traction recently, as more companies adopt sustainable practices in their operations and in the design of their products. It is encouraging to see this surge in the movement toward a more sustainable manufacturing industry. People like Jeffrey Hollender, co-founder of Seventh Generation, and John Warner, one of the founders of the green chemistry field, have participated in this movement since its inception and have been integral to its growth. 

Transforming the materials economy is a tall order. It is critical to focus the creation of truly sustainable goods with both short-term and long-term thinking. Jeffrey Hollender and John Warner discuss how business and green chemistry are using both approaches to change the manufacturing industry, and how the sustainable products industry can effectively address the social and environmental challenges we face. 

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