2018 Youth Homelessness Summit | Faces of Collaboration: Tayvon and Emily

The Las Vegas community joins together on November 2 at the 2nd Annual Youth Homelessness Summit in Las Vegas.
Oct 26, 2018 12:55 PM ET

Emily Paulsen

Emily Paulsen has served as the Executive Director of the Nevada Homeless Alliance since 2016. She believes housing is a human right and is dedicated to building a socially just community where everyone can be housed. Originally from the northern central valley and bay area of California, Emily moved to Las Vegas in 2008. She is a do’er of homeless solutions with experience in street outreach, case management, program development, public policy, homeless system innovation, and advocacy. She is a lifelong learner, steadfast in the knowledge that an end to homelessness is not only possible but the ultimate purpose of her work.

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Tayvon graduated from the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (NPHY)’s Independent Living Program (ILP) in September of 2017. Through the ILP program, he was able to obtain a guard card, food handlers card, ID, make quality friendships, and gain the confidence to be himself. He was able to learn life skills such as time management, how to open a bank account, setting priorities, and job preparedness. NPHY allowed him to hold stable employment, the ability to work on obtaining his GED, and exploring more ways to get involved in the community through volunteering. Tayvon says he will forever be grateful to NPHY for making him feel as a part of a family and teaching him to treat himself better and to believe that being on his own was possible.

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