Apparel Retailer, The Buckle, Partners With Boys Town to Help Teenagers Overcome Serious Problems

Jan 27, 2015 11:50 AM ET

For teenagers who are trying to overcome serious problems, having some new clothes can go a long way toward helping them move forward. That’s what makes the partnership between Boys Town and The Buckle so special.

The Need:

Boys Town provides care for tens of thousands of children and their families. Every child and family that comes to Boys Town has unique challenges and needs – from abused, neglected, runaway and delinquent youth, to families struggling with parenting skills, economic hardship, substance abuse, or marital issues.

“Buckle believes in the Boys Town mission to strengthen children, families and communities in America through programs that instill values of faith, safety and family engagement.”

With safety, permanency and well-being in mind, a focus of Boys Town’s programs is to keep children in their home or reunite them with their family when possible and safe. Often before that can happen, youth rely on Boys Town for medical treatmentintervention and assessment servicesfoster carefamily homesin-home family services, and community support services.

While financial gifts are a positive way individuals and businesses can support Boys Town’s mission, in-kind resources also play a significant role in helping Boys Town deliver life-changing care to those in most need.

A Fitting Partnership:

A little over eight years ago, after making a phone call, Judy Madison from Boys Town visited The Buckle’s corporate headquarters in Kearney, Nebraska.  She spoke to the folks at Buckle about Boys Town’s mission and the kids they help, and met with them specifically about Boys Town’s clothing needs. 

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